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Are you getting excited?” has quickly moved into a tie position with the “When are you leaving?FAQ. I think it must seem strange to people when I say that no, I am not “getting excited.” I mentioned this to a friend who is currently out cruising and he figured that the question comes up so often because most people are thinking about what we are doing as an extended vacation, where we will be lounging in a tropical paradise with umbrella drinks, having all of our needs catered to. And we all know how excited we get about those kind of vacations!

The change we undertaking is pretty far removed from that actually, with an entirely different set of routines and chores to deal with. Rest assured though, our lack of “getting excited” does not in any way mean that we aren’t looking forward to casting off. On the contrary, having to go back to the marina every few days is really getting to be a drag (even though we love the people at Collin’s Bay Marina 🙂 ).

Karma for yesterday’s post about sailboats that motor!
To quote fellow PDQer Drew “we’re all power boats when the wind dies.”

Rebecca getting ready to raise the spinnaker. Yes, the water is pretty calm!


  1. The spinnaker is a beautiful sail for sure, but too finicky for my taste and temperment. It does make a great light air sail though…..Allan

    • We have virtually no experience with it. It seems fun to play with though. We are currently trying to find the working range of winds that we can effectively fly it.

  2. You guys are sooooo ready! That lack of excitement, which may dumbfound others, is just another reflection of how prepared you guys are mentally.

    As you noted, this life isn’t a “vacation”, it is a change ….. still need to take out the trash every day. 🙂

    This isn’t to diminish how nice this change will be however as it will be pretty darn good! Nothing like dolphins for neighbors.

  3. Dolphins, for instance, don’t throw loud beer bashes that last into the wee, small hours of the morning, as neighbors of the human variety are wont to do! Nothing against beer bashes, unless the participants don’t clean up after themselves and keep me awake all night! Actually, that’s exactly what I have against beer bashes! 🙂 But, people ask “aren’t you geting excited?” about other life changes, like retirement. Even when one is putting one’s dream of retiring aboard one’s boat on hold. But when people have prepared as throughly and as well as the two of you have, it’s lots of small excitements, rather than one big one.

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