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We’ve learned that this post’s title, “Fair winds and following seas,” is a standard line from one seaman to another. Our weather window, which we discussed yesterday, is happily giving us just that. Our trip from Great Kills yesterday was going so well that we had intentions of trying to make Atlantic City, right up until we got a 180 degree shift in wind direction at the Barneget Inlet. As we had no desire to beat into the winds for the next several hours, a unanimous decision was made to spend the night there, and are we ever glad we did. Once we got through the scary inlet (big breaking waves with a ton of crazy fishermen returning from their day on the water) we found a cool anchorage right off a beach. In addition to a cool anchorage, we met some cool people. Soon after arriving, we were approached by Rich from the boat beside us and asked to join him and his friends for drinks and snacks on his boat. One thing led to another and we were invited to join them for dinner ashore. It was a great night with a beautiful walk around the bay and fun times with new friends. Thank you very much Rich, Janice, Tom and Linda for including us in your evening. We really appreciate it and Tom, we won’t forget that we owe you drinks if we meet up at the boat show!

6 AM, leaving the Sandy Hook area.

This boat reminds me of the Andrea Gale from the movie The Perfect Storm.

Coming in Barneget Inlet was a “bit” scary. I wanted to take a photo of all the people fishing on the breakwater and as you can see in the pic’s foreground, some nice* fisherman was nice enough to zoom right by us and hit us with his wake.

*Feel free to insert your own 4 letter word here. We did!

The lighthouse is called Barney. I think it is the tallest in New Jersey?

Off to dinner with our friends. We made sure to tie the dinghy up with two lines!

“Cassy’s” Fish Market. 🙂

6 AM, leaving Barneget Inlet, heading out towards Cape May.


  1. Sweet! Sounds like a great day. Glad to hear things are continuing to go well. 🙂

  2. My arms are aching, my back is sore and I’m longing for the ocean, and, I’m back at it tomorrow morning. Only 3 more months to go and then VACATION! Let’s meet up somewhere south…..Mark

  3. Being under way way early in the morning is very special – its like you are sharing a secret.

    Fair winds Mike and Rebecca…


  4. What a lovely trip! And lovely pictures, as well! THANKS!

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