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Just one more pristine anchorage.

We were dodging turtles in the water on our way to pick up our mooring (a free mooring I might add).

Hiking on the windy side of the island.

If I was to flap my arms faster, do you think I could fly?

Nice waves! You can see St. Thomas (USVI) in the background, about 14 miles away.

We intend to hike up to that lighthouse today.

We love hiking and climbing around on the rocks and cliffs.

Check out this cute little cactus and especially the little pink nub on the top.

I should have brought my climbing shoes with me. This was excellent bouldering territory.

Pools of water abound on this side of the island…

which are great for cooling off!

Only 10 seconds to get back in the water before the camera takes the shot!

We found this awesome fender ball and it’s in great shape. Score! I know that Rebecca is thinking that it will make an even better exercise ball than the orange one we have.

When around coral remember, there is plenty of water until there isn’t any water! Meaning, you can’t assume that because you’re in 12 feet of water, it will gradually get shallow. This is why.

Lots of cool fishies.

The fish were pretty calm when we were around them too.

The expression on the parrot fish’s face reminds me of the shark in the comedy movie Strange Wilderness.


  1. Beautiful pictures … my favorite is the one of the cactus!

  2. Great pics guys; especially the underwater ones. What camera are you using for this? Mark

  3. Dear Mike & Rebecca

    You really should take a trip back to Vieques to visit the most spectacular Bioluminescent Bays in the world, It is a must see experience. So hard to explain, but one of the highlights of our many trips to the Caribbean.
    You visit at night & when you move/splash the water it’s like moving diamonds.
    It is just incredible.
    I meant to send this info to you awhile ago, but am hoping better late than never applies.
    I don’t remember reading about your visiting it when you were in Vieques, but you’re not far away.

    • Hi Bam
      I’m sure you’re right but at this point we’re reluctant to go backwards, given that we still have a fair distance to cover in the next 2 months. I do think we’ll be back again in the future (perhaps next year). After hearing so much about this bay we’ll definitely not miss it next time.

  4. Those cacti are “Turks Head” and that little red fruit is eatable. I can’t remember what they taste like but they were good. If you don’t believe me… I guess you’ll have to find someone to eat one first.
    Keep writing and I’ll keep reading.
    My delivery from St. John got cancelled so I guess we’ll have to wait to see if our paths cross.

  5. Mike, you got me. I kept searching all of the photos looking for those Spanish virgins, and then I realized…

  6. Lol that’s my fender! Should have washed up on the south east side. Lost it as we were going by. Enjoy!

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