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One of the things we enjoy about traveling is getting to explore each of the new towns that we visit. Yesterday’s rain broke for a period in the afternoon and was replaced by some sunshine and a warm breeze, perfect for an afternoon stroll.

We are currently tied to a seawall in front of two other catamarans, an Island Spirit and a Gemini. After our walk around town, one of the owners of the Island Spirit came over to tell us that there was another cat tied up in the spot where we are now and that in the past 4-5 days, they had been boarded by groups of kids (men?) on 2 separate occasions. Apparently they were onboard both times and managed to scare them off. After filing a police report the second time, they split, which is understandable. We heeded her warnings and kept our boat locked up tight. We had no issues but then again, perhaps burglars don’t like to come out in the rain!

Fortunately we think we have another spot figured out that we will be able to stay at through the festival. We plan to move over there in the next couple of hours.

We crossed this ship’s bow on our way into the harbor, thinking that he was anchored. Fortunately he was going very slowly, being pushed along by a tug.

Out for a stroll.

It looks like we’ll have plenty to explore in the next few days.

No doubt some expensive places to live.

The USS Constellation.

We definitely need to come back and ride these dragons. 🙂


  1. I’ve often wondered about that… someone boarding a boat when the owners aren’t there. Even locked up tight, there’s a lot to steal or damage in the way of electronics, etc. It’s great that the community of boaters is such that they keep an eye out for one another.

  2. This is a little like Penn & Teller. C’mon Rebecca; Post Up!

  3. I suspect that you will find the dragon’s name is “Chessie”.

  4. Check out the aquarium–it is worth it. One of the best.

    Baltimore, except for the Inner Harbor (mostly) has a less than stellar reputation. When I was a kid, the inner harbor area was very scary, and then it was redeveloped and became the “Inner Harbor.” I can imagine I would want to lock everything and then post a guard.

    Parts of Norfolk are sketchy too. There is an inner harbor area there too, by the convention center, that is nice, but I wouldn’t leave the boat at night.

    The rest of the Bay… I haven’t locked anything in 25 years of cruising. I don’t even lock the boat when it’s at dock for months… perhaps I shouldn’t post that!

    • Our friend Tom warned us not to stray too many blocks away from the harbor area.

      We saw the aquarium and are considering going. It is 25-30 bucks per person to get in though. Ouch!!!

      • True, it’s pricey. I guess I remember taking my kid, and that was worth it. If you’ve been to a good aquarium before, perhaps not.

        I used to have a lot of business at the steel mill at Sparrows Point. Not a beauty spot, and you don’t want to know what and how much they discharge into the Bay. They actually have creeks on-site to convey the oily wastewater and pickling waste, rather than pipes. There is a treatment plant at the end of the creek, but it is basic verging on primitive. And don’t swim in Back River; there is a huge sewage treatment plant at the head, which is enough that I have avoided the beaches at Hart-Miller Island. Or perhaps I am exaggerating, but the mill used treated sewage for the process and it was foul stuff.

        I overheard your VHF chatter when you were near Swan Point Bar heading to Fairlee Creek, but I was far south and at the edge of radio range, near Cambridge on a solo overnight. It was a nice weekend. Sounds like you have some good tour guides!

        • That’s funny that you could hear us. Yes, we have had some great tour guides, and we are getting around.

          Swimming is one thing that I really miss but we have no intention of getting in this water. Is Sparrows Point near Fairlee Creek?

          We can’t wait until we’re in the clear waters of the bahamas!

  5. Mike, if you like seafood and a nice atmosphere. Look at the Rusty Scupper on the water.,+inner+harbor&cd=1&cad=src:pplink&ei=0iuhTN_JIOHTjAeb17xr

    That whole Inner Harbor area is a GREAT Friday/Saturday night time. You have the Have-A-Nice Day cafe (80’s music)…Comedy Club..Harbor Lights Night Club….dancing. There are like 3 bars/night clubs and multiple resturants all right there on Pratt & Lomnard street.

    Have a beer for me!

  6. I’m glad that the sun finally came out! I’m also glad that you found a safer place to tie up! The idea of someone coming aboard one’s boat is a bit scary. Stay safe, and enjoy.

  7. kenny from the anchorage kingston n.y - Reply

    hi mike and rebecca, i have been following your big adventures along with tim and diane. you guys look great and i am glade you have met great people along the way. its nice to know that there are people are out there that don’t mind sharing their knowlage and personal adventures with you great guys. anyway do yourself a favor and lock your shit up before your big adventure goes bust not everyone is nice out there!!! happy sailing, regards kenny

  8. Hey, you guys are in Baltimore?! We live here. If you want to get together send me/us an email. If you guys need provisioning etc. we would be able to help you get around.

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