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The big news for yesterday is that Rebecca and I finally had the chance to do some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training. As most readers know, BJJ, or martial arts in general, was a huge part of our lives. It was not only our business but our hobby and we spent hours every week practicing. Although we had hoped to be able to train at various academies while traveling, sadly it hasn’t happened. Our jiu-jitsu gis (uniforms) which we brought along with us have sat unused in the locker beside our spare sails. How sad.

As I noted yesterday though, Rebecca stumbled across an ad for the SXM BJJ club and fortunately for us, it was not far from our anchor spot. After visiting McDs for coffee and Wi-Fi, our plan was to zip over to catch their 10:00 AM class. Of course while updating the blog the skies would have to open up with the biggest amount of rain we have seen in weeks. So yes, after our dinghy ride to the jiu-jitsu class, we looked like drowned rats. In spite of that, Bruno Rocha, the club’s instructor, welcomed us into the class.

It has been our experience that 99.9% of the jiu-jitsu guys out there are as cool as they come and the students in this club were no exception. It was great to be able to sweat a bit and work out some of the rust that has accumulated (there is a LOT of rust). Hopefully we’ll make it back there to train with these guys some more. Thanks again for the hospitality, Bruno!

Rebecca, Bruno Rocha and I following class.

Note: SXM is the code of the airport here. Many of the things and places in St. Martin are referred to with the SXM abbreviation.


  1. Cool! I’m sure this brought back a lot of great memories.

    With a smile like Bruno’s, he’s got to be a great guy!

  2. Looks like the tropical sun has bleached out your belts 😉

  3. I’m sure you’r wearing the white belts out of courtesy to the new club and instructor……glad you got a chance to work out……TL

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