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A little over an hour ago we took our guests, Aurora and Dennis, to shore so that they could make their way to the airport to begin their journey back to the States. In spite of some mechanical difficulties, we had a fantastic week with our new friends. Like true cruisers, we found them to be easy to please (all guests like to describe themselves in this way, but few truly are), and up for almost anything. As an example, yesterday we took them for a not-so-easy trek through the rainforest. Before we set off, we gave them the option of a shorter, easier trail, or a longer, harder one. Without hesitation, they chose the latter, and were rewarded because of their adventurous spirt. I’m not so sure that their legs will be thanking them after sitting stationary on an airplane all day today though!

Thanks for the great week, guys. We look forward to sharing an anchorage with you in a few years.


  1. Saw this just after landing at JFK, and we were laughing out loud at our exhausted expressions and crazy contortions! Indeed legs were pretty sore on the long walk to customs after sitting still for way too long. One more plane and a long drive to go. Thanks again for a great week!

  2. You guys are giving your guests the “all around Caribbean experience” which I doubt they would find anywhere else. Who wants to lay around for a week? Get up and get going whether it’s on the boat or on the mountain. By the sounds of your guest’s comments from the airport they sure expended some energy and have the aches and pains to prove it
    ! Hats off to all. Congrats, Mark

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