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With two back-to-back charters now behind us, I think it’s fair to say that we are no longer complete newbies in the charter world. Using jiu-jitsu ranks as a measuring stick, I’d say that we’ve at least earned a couple of stripes on our white belts. We have definitely worked, sweated and taken the bruises that it would take to get that far!

Our New Year’s charter with the Knorr family was similar to our first two charters only in that they were a great bunch of people, and fun to spend time with. The charter was quite different though in that, unlike the first groups to stay on board One Love, there were six guests instead of four. Among those six was a 10 year old boy named Parker who would have been happy to spend every minute in the clear water snorkeling, once he determined that there were no dangerous fish lurking about. There’s more to do in the Virgin Islands than snorkel though so we made the rounds to many of the popular spots, and some of the lesser-known ones as well.

Rebecca continued to impress us all with her galley skills, keeping everyone more than well fed. We apologize if the abundance of food delayed any of ours guests’ New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. 🙂

We’d like to offer our sincere thanks to the Knorr’s for choosing One Love for their holiday vacation. We hope that the many positive memories that they took home with them will remain for years to come. Of course, if they do start to fade we’d be happy to have them back on board again for a refresher.


  1. Looks like they had an awesome experience. Ya’ll must be tired.

  2. Some great pics One Love and looks like you are off to a great start with your chartering venture! It’s all about creating good memories and good times and I think you accomplished that in spades if the pictures tell us anything! Wishing you guys sunshine, light winds and good times in the coming months from The East Coast in Canada! Cheers. MikeG

  3. Your’s is one of my favorite blogs that I follow (and live vicariously through) and it makes me very happy to see what a wonderful vacation and memories you provided for the families and couples who have joined you. Glad for your successes…hard work always pays off in the end! HNY!

  4. Perfect timing to enjoy more great snorkel shots – as we dip down to -18C AGAIN here in southern Ontario. And those folks sure look like they had a blast, which is what it’s all about.
    Really appreciate the details about the anchorage spots, we’ll be following in your wake very shortly – our delivery is scheduled for 15 January. We’ll look out for you and Rebecca, first dark and stormy’s are on us.

  5. That sounds/looks like a score of 12 out of 10. Well done!!!!!

    How long do you have now before the next charter?


  6. Mr. Knorr, will you be my daddy? LOL
    Great looking family, reminded me of old family trips, that’ll be talked about for the rest of their lives!

  7. What great pictures, and it looks like you guys were very successful at giving the family a great time.

    Have any idea what that aqua spotted sea creature is? I haven’t ever seen that before!

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