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Yes, we are eager to learn. And thus it would almost be believable if we told you that we left a good number of Katana’s hatches open last night on purpose, just so that during a thunderstorm we would get water in the boat and thus be able to test out the bilge pumps. Yes, that just about sounds believable. At least the part about the water and the bilge pumps anyway. What a great start to the day!

We also awoke to find that the shore power had tripped a breaker during the thunder storm. And we found that some of the provisions we had just purchased yesterday and left out were all wet. But at least there was wind for sailing.

Oh yes, about that wind. One thing we have learned is that if it is windy in the Marina, it is crazy windy on the lake. We found this to be true later in the day when we went for a jog (when Rebecca dragged me for a jog actually) and we found white caps in the bay. There had to be at least 20 knots of wind around the corner. A bit too much for our first solo sail!

We made the most of the day though. Katana is once again all shiny and white. A bunch of miscellaneous chores were completed and we still had time to lounge on the tramp a bit, enjoying a cold beer(s). While doing said lounging we were paid a visit by our friends Patti and Paul, whose boat Pattio’ Paul is currently on the hard here in the Marina having some work done on her. We made plans to meet up tomorrow morning and we’ll all go sailing together. The winds are supposed to lessen to a manageable amount as the day progresses and there is no rain in the forecast. It should be an awesome day!

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