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(Some) drugs may be bad, and expensive, but that didn’t stop us from visiting our family doctor yesterday to discuss requirements for our med kit and to obtain some prescriptions.

As we aren’t going to be too far off the beaten path (at least not for a while anyway), and as mentioned, these things are expensive (and perishable), we didn’t go crazy with medicines. My doctor was extremely helpful though and made numerous recommendations for us, both for prescription drugs and ones that are available over-the-counter. He even gave us his cel phone number and told us to call him any time if we were ever stuck!

Somehow the following drug didn’t make it onto the list though?!?!


  1. You have a doctor? Lucky!!!!. I have had three since I left the navy in 1995, one we moved away from, the second one retired and the third one fired me as a patient, (missed two appointments). So now I am a walk in clinic afficiando…..Allan

    • Yes, it can be hard to get one. I know Rebecca had quite a bit of issues and my doctor gave up 2/3 of his clients some time ago. He kept me on I guess because I’m not a “frequent flyer.”

  2. So kids were given cocaine to stop th epain…wow..and now weve grown up !

  3. This is why Americans dash across the border to get drugs from friendly Canadian doctors 😉

    My brother is a doc here en Los Estados Unidos so when we went the first time we had enough meds to stock a small 3rd world country. In fact, most of them got donated at our last port of call in the big C. We were happy to see them go to good use. Ahhhh, to be young and healthy!

  4. I can’t recall where I heard this, but some countries are WAY cheaper for drugs than we are. Mexico is one. I know you research the heck out of anything you do so you’ve probably researched this as well… but if not, it might be worth it before you shell out a lot of money here.

    • Hi Sandra

      I think you are aright, and I’m pretty sure at least some of this could be obtained without a prescription in other countries. We are just going to be carrying pretty basic stuff so hopefully we won’t go too much into debt.

      We just returned from the pharmacy. The first pharmacist told us that they had hardly any of the things we wanted, which makes me wonder what exactly they do sell? The second pharmacy had some of the stuff on the list and we need to go back to pick it up tonight or tomorrow. The remaining stuff won’t be available until Wednesday of next week.

  5. Not only were kids given cocaine, babies were given laudanum (a form of heroin) to make them sleep! Old ladies also took cocaine. It didn’t become illeagle in the states until 1954!

  6. Some people have in tha past referred to me as a pharmascist or a doctor….I would recommend a good vaginal cream like monistat or a good condom like trojan…Kidding…..The two items you should 100% carry is a good antibiotic such as a z-pak for infections……I would also carry a good pain medication like percocet….A good first aid kit…The best advice would be to take CPR and a good first aid class…There are excellent books that will help and now with everything online access and help is pretty instantly accessble.You will find most of your traveling will allow for you to get to land within a day or two so you are looking to “get you comfortable” until you hit land…..When you are way offshore, you might need to add things……

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