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Don’t you hate when you purchase something, get home and find that it “needs” a particular item to function? One that you don’t have and didn’t know enough to buy? Batteries comes to mind; we have all been there with that one. This morning, while huddled under a blanket, waiting for the boat to heat up, I decided to look at computer charting options which will work on our Mac computers. I found two, GPSNavX and MacENC, both available on this website. Neither one is crazy expensive, when compared to a chartplotter anyway, and both offer a free demo download. So what happens when I plug in my handheld Garmin 76Cx GPS unit to talk to the programs? You guessed it. Nothing. It appears that the required NMEA data (I have no idea what that even means) can not be communicated via the USB cable which came with the GPS. No, I will need to buy two separate cables to get it to talk to the computer. Grrrrr.

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