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Last Thursday we posted a video of Rebecca mixing up one of our favorite cocktails, the Bloody Brutus. But filming that wasn’t enough for Carl. No, he wanted to shoot a second drink video only this time, it was late in the evening following our long tour around the island. The following carnage, filmed at Roger’s Beach Bar on Hog Island, is what became of that.

To quote Carl

“If you’re not crying laughing after watching this you’re not a fun person.”

Don’t try that at home, kids. Even Roger walked away so that he wouldn’t have to witness it!

This awesome photo of Roger, behind his bar, was taken by Carl Grooms.

Flaming Sambuca drink details:

Equipment required:

  • Fire extinguisher!
  • Sambuca
  • Lighter
  • Two glass tumblers
  • Two glass snifters(?)
  • 2 napkins
  • 2 short straws
  • 2 coffee beans (optional)*

Note: The snifters should ideally be able to balance on top of the tumblers in the orientation shown in the video. They also need to be large enough so that the Sambuca does not pour all over the counter when balancing in this position (as it did on the video)!

Set up: Place the napkins on the edge of the table, one on each side of you. The straws are placed on top of the napkins, extending a bit off the table.

Perform the shot as shown in “take 2” on the video. After the flaming Sambuca is poured into the tumblers and extinguished by placing the snifters upside down into them, the glasses should be placed upside down on top of the straws/napkins. After the shot is quickly downed, the drinkers bend down to the straws and inhale the alcohol fumes which are trapped in the upside down snifters.

*A coffee bean can be placed inside each of the glasses of Sambuca before they are lit.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any injuries to person or property! Blah. Blah. Blah. Be smart. 🙂


  1. Hahaha!!! Fire, fire, fire!!

  2. That was better than Chicks!!!! I love chilled sambuca……Guess what I am doing this weekend!!!!!!!

  3. Very cool! What does breathing the fumes do?

  4. I cry laughing every time I watch this AND I was in it. Best yet, thanks Mike!

  5. The web site frugal retirement suggested that if you are staying between the islands and being anchored 98% of the time , you do not have to take sailing school lessons. Whats your thoughts on this?

    • Do you need a bunch of certificates? Absolutely not. But, if you do not know what it means to be “in irons” and how to get out of it, then I would say you should take a lesson or two.

      The thing is, they are right in that there is a LOT more to cruising than sailing. The sailing part is pretty easy. That’s why I thought the Fast Track to Cruising Course that we did with Offshore Sailing (search our blog for details) was great because it didn’t focus solely on sailing. Instead it dealt with all the other stuff that goes along with cruising (navigation, maintenance, docking, anchoring, etc.)

  6. I watched that first thing this morning and laughed my **s off, now i will be thinking about it throughout the day and laughing some more, thanks guys that was great.
    You are having way too much fun down there, i am jealous.


  7. Mike, I’ve never seen anyone keep a straight face while drinking sambuca. You didn’t cringe when downing the thing, ergo, that can’t be real sambuca 😉

    I seem to recall a few cases, back in first-year engineering, where people had heard of the “flaming sambuca” but never seen it done. Some thought you were supposed to drink it while it was on fire. Surprisingly, I don’t think we ever had to call a single ambulance.

    I’m reminded of a gadget I saw a few years ago that was basically a beer bong fed by an oxygen generator. You’d fill it with absinthe, or overproof rum, or something equally potent, bubble 100% oxygen through it, and inhale what came out. Needless to say, I never tried the thing. But apparently it gave you the full effect of a one-ounce shot in a matter of seconds (the alcohol vapour passing straight through the lungs into the blood….)

    • Matt, you always come up with crazy stuff like that. 🙂

      • I think I just hang out with engineers and physicists too often. You coop them up in a lab for a few dozen hours, and they get antsy and start coming up with really weird stuff. (It certainly doesn’t help that Tim’s just made all their coffees larger….)

  8. Looks like Roger was a great sport … love his smile! Glad Carl acted quickly and ya’ll didn’t burn Roger’s bar down! =)

  9. Too damm funny! It’s like Jolly Mon meets Burning Man. Great way to start the day…or end it, apparently. Thanks! -Ed

  10. LOL (while wiping a few tears)! Been following your blog for some time now and thought this the perfect post to say – I really love your guys’ “work.” Ha! Really, great blog … BTW, another name for the post could have been – Don’t try this on your boat! But in your case, that is home.

  11. Ha! Great stuff guys! It looks like smacking the flames with you hand only caused the fire to get bigger! Beer to the rescue.


  12. Now THAT’S a cruising drink!

    Loved it guys – been showing the video around. It’s a winner!


  13. …and you do this on the boat often?

  14. Hilarious! I wish I had been there to see in in person!

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