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So, how is our Real Sailing Adventure plan coming together? As of this morning, we have had 5 couples step up and send in their money, and one other promise to pay in the first week of June. There are one or two others who seem ready to commit but until that happens, you never know. If there is one thing that I learned from running our martial arts gym for over two decades it’s that until people pay, they are not really committed.

I’m wondering if I’m beginning to see a parallel.

While there are many people who dream of packing up, selling off and heading out cruising, only a tiny fraction of them actually do it. Why? There are no doubt countless reasons, some better than others. Most can be summed up as simply as this: fear of change. Fear that my situation after leaving behind life on land will be worse off, or for those who only ever intended to cruise for a fixed period of time, that life on land will be worse when they return. But what about the people who do actually head out? Don’t they have those same fears? My guess is that they do but stronger than that fear, they also have a very positive belief that things will work out.

On several occasions I confessed in this blog that when we left Canada, we knew that we would have to work at some point down the road. I also wrote that at the time, we had no plan to obtain that necessary income, but in spite of that, we knew that it would all work out. That is a leap of faith, and I think it’s what all those who were able to “throw off the bowlines” have had to take. The parallel that I mentioned above relates to the people who have been quick to support us. No one wants to be the first person to buy something new, especially something unproven. The five couples who have stepped up to support us took that leap of faith, and for that, we’re extremely thankful.

We’re looking forward to meeting and sailing with:

  • Aurora and Dennis
  • Mike and Tracy
  • Barbara and Daniel
  • Steve and Darla
  • Dave and Jenny

You’re all rockstars in our eyes!

When Rebecca and I talked about this plan, we discussed how nice it would be to sail with people who are really into the lifestyle like we are, people who want to learn, explore, grow in the process. I’m now more confident than ever that the ones supporting us will be exactly those kinds of people. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached that critical mass to make this happen. Will we? I truly hope so, both for our sake, and for the sake of the guests already registered who seem truly excited to join us. Please, if you’re one of those sitting on the fence, I urge you to commit. To be fair to all those involved, we do not intend to keep this offer open indefinitely, and without at least 10 couples on board, we won’t be able to make it work, and will have to return the money.


  1. We are so excited to do this! We have been reading Mike and Rebecca’s blog for a while, and the zero to cruising journey has inspired us in many ways. We went to the USVI sailing school in March. We had a great week learning with Captain G on the Silver Lining, and we want to take our sailing experience to the next level. We are thrilled to share this journey with them. It is another step towards all of our dreams. Thanks to Mike and Rebecca for having the courage to cast off the bow lines, showing us all
    how it can be done, and now allowing us to join them!

  2. We are also so excited for this adventure! My husband and I have a Catalina 22 that we take out on the lake, but have been dreaming of traveling and sailing on the “big water”. Thank you so much for this unique opportunity that we just couldn’t pass up. We have followed your blog for a while and cannot wait to share in the experience! We look forward to meeting you and hope others will take a leap of faith and try it as well.

  3. We like win win situations. we would normally not make such an investment in someone we have never met. The couple times we did, the end result wasn’t favorable. However, you and Rebecca have made your lives open to the world since you started your dream back in Canada, you have presented as a couple who are responsible, you understand work before pleasure and understand that the best things in life are appreciated much more when earned.

    A couple years ago we started looking at ways to get out of the rat race, get away from keeping up with the Jones’s. We knew it was time to take control of our own lives and our futures. We sat down one night and asked, “what do we enjoy most when we go on vacation”. The answer was easy, the Caribbean, water, rum and being accountable to just ourselves.

    Then the research began. Fortunately, we ran across your blog, and through your blog, we became inspired and excited. Your blog helped us connect with people that helped you, some of those same people have been there for us and are helping us follow in your foot steps. “Go team Wiley!” I must admit, I’m not into fitness like you guys are, Darla does enjoy having her workout everyday, however, my mindset is that as long as I can hold it in, I’m still good.

    Your Real Sailing Adventure comes at a time when it’s not only beneficial to you, but us as well, It’s more than a vacation for us, it’s an opportunity to expand and grow our skills and knowledge.

    Darla and I are looking forward to helping you move forward with your dream, and you helping us make ours happen.


  4. Hi Mike,

    We are super excited to do this! We have been following your blogs for years and always wanted to learn from you guys and now we have an opportunity to do it! We have zero sailing experience. We don’t own a boat (yet). We have read a ton, so at least from an arm chair perspective we have some clue what we are getting into. But now we want one week experience to see what it is really like.
    For people who are still thinking about it, take the leap! Mike and Rebecca will make it a great experience. Life is all about challenges and learning and overcoming those challenges. And that makes it fun! When one door closes another opens. As you go along a path, you come upon other opportunities that help you to grow, learn and experience life. And that is what it is all about. Go out and have fun!

    Barbara and Dan

  5. We are so excited to be able to share this experience with you guys. We have been dreaming of this for a couple of years now and are finally able to take action. We want to make sure that life on a boat is something we can handle and we are tired of being watchers and want to be doers. There is no growth inside your comfort zone. This is a perfect opportunity to see what life will be like and at a very minimal cost and risk. Plus it’s a way to give back to you guys as a way of saying thanks for putting yourself out there and showing us what is possible when you pursue your dreams.
    For those that are still on the fence I would say go! No more wasted days. No more watching from the sidelines. Comfort is a slow killer. This can be the trip of a lifetime or the first step in a new life.

  6. you have so lost the plot..but maybe never had it. Good luck..I do mean that in the best of spirits.

    • 2 things:

      1. No, you don’t.
      2. Considering that we’re the authors of our own book, I doubt that WE have “lost the plot.” I do note that this is the fourth negative comment that you have made since December 2014. Perhaps you simply need to read a different book?

  7. Great post and great thoughts.

    We had to downsize our dream for now, still not so bad, the reality that university for our children is upon us, and is about $120K each! Ya, ouch…smart kids though!

    Anyways, always following you guys, you do inspire me to post more, even snippets.


  8. I discovered sailing 5 years ago (and started reading ZTC at the same time). My family commitments will prevent me from ever being a tropical liveaboard. However, a single friend that started sailing 2 years ago just sold his business, flew to the Med and purchased a sailboat to live on.

    It’s not fear for me, but that I’d rather be a dirt-dweller with my family than sailing without them. Thanks to people like him and yourselves, others like me can find a balance and live vicariously. The more people that sail off, the happier I’ll be (as long as they write about it).

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