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I love it when a plan comes together.” – Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith – The A-Team

If there was ever an appropriate time for us to voice the above quote it was after yesterday’s sail to Carriacou. After picking up our hashing buddies, Mike (hash name: Softwood) and Jackie, off the beach in St. George’s, the four of us motored out of the anchorage in very calm conditions. We expected those light winds though and in fact, many of our friends held off from heading to Carriacou yesterday, waiting until today for what they believed would be more favorable conditions. But, as often happens, once we entered the gap between Grenada and Carriacou, the winds were a fair bit stronger than were forecast and thus we had a beautiful sail.

As we neared the site of Kick ‘Em Jenny, the underwater volcano which lies west of Ronde Island and Diamond Rock, a huge pod of dolphins came out to play in our bow wake. We’re all pretty sure they must have been Rastafarian dolphins because they arrived just after we turned on the Bob Marley music!

Softwood attempting to talk to the dolphins.
They listened to him about as much as the hashers do before a run.

The dolphins gave us an amazing show!

Team Carib underway!

The fair winds and sunshine held out for the remainder of the trip to Hillsborough and after setting our anchor, the four of us headed to shore to scope out the venue for today’s Hash Lime (party). Later this morning we’re expecting the first wave of hashers to descend upon Carriacou. It looks like we’re all going to have an incredible weekend!

In Hillsborough, searching for the bar where today’s Hash Lime will be held.

The sun is setting on a beautiful day.

We found it… The Sandy Lane Bar!
What a cool place, with tables extending right out onto the beach.

Look out hashers… it also has the best-stocked bar that we have seen in ages.
Too bad Rebecca and I are still “on the wagon.”

Good night Carriacou!


  1. This is one of my favorite posts…..Video of dolphins with a few pictures thrown in….My dream is to sail with a pod like this….Thanks

  2. That was an awesome video. Did you use the GoPro? We were two years ago and you brought back fun memories. Enjoy – everybody falls off the wagon occassionally!

    • We shot some video on the GoPro but the footage in this clip was taken with the Canon D20. As for falling off the wagon, even though I’d like to I’m WAY to stubborn for that.

  3. We picked up a huge pod right about the same place, on our very first sail up to Carricou! Amazing memeories!

  4. VERY cool video of the dolphins! Such an awesome experience; thanks for sharing!

  5. Yeah don’t ever take the weather forecast too literally. Love the dolphins. I have seen them playing with our bow wake in the keys. That was a nice big pod though and a fantastic video. Did you see them stop and chatter at each other at any point?

    • Not specifically but we started off with 20 or more and then they all took off. Then about 6 came back for quite a while, and then 3 and then 2 and finally we were left with only 1.

  6. Wow! What a awesome video! The part where the camera went under the water made me wish you had more underwater video of it. That is a true paradise on earth. Thanks for sharing!

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