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Yesterday afternoon I made a special trip back to our house and while there, gave Rebecca a call on my cel phone. She told me later that she could hear a big echo on the phone, and it sounded like I was calling from a large, empty room. I told her it was because I WAS calling from a large, empty room (our living room). It’s a good thing our home’s new owners have purchased all of the appliances and a couple of the larger furniture items or it would really be vacant by now!

One of our friends dropped by on Friday to pick up some misc. lumber that I had stored here in our garage. As we won’t be needing it where we’re going (no wooden boats for us) we decided to pass it along to him. He said that he couldn’t even begin to imagine what it would be like to have to sell all of your stuff, on top of the typical stresses of moving. We agree… it’s crazy!

We were happy to be able to celebrate Easter weekend with our daughter Cass and her boyfriend. She told us that she was sad because that was the last time she will be visiting us here in this house. We agree… sad. 🙁

Even more tough than giving up the house though will be leaving behind our dog Tyson. We did get confirmation from our friends Taylor and Whitney yesterday that they will be able to adopt him. We know they will be great “parents” for our baby and will care for him as we have. Thanks guys!

With only 10 days until our house closing we are now counting down the truly important things. Namely, how many more times do we get to enjoy soaking in our hot tub? So, on that note, out to the Jacuzzi we go!

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  1. We’re excited to have a big enough living room to create an echo!!! We’re so glad you found a home for Tyson. We honestly considered keeping him, but Shawn and Tyler are allergic to many types of dogs and they seem to have adjusted to ours, Sam, miraculously! Don’t want to push our luck…… I’m sure it will be so hard to say goodbye to him as dogs are such a huge part of a family! 🙁

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