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I could be wrong but I think that if you were to go back through this blog, you’d find that I tend to write about products that I like a lot more than things that displease me. I did write a post about items that didn’t make the grade, and in fact, now that I look at it again, I see that there are a few things that I could definitely add to that list. For example, Lifeproof iPhone and iPad cases.

If you look at the post I linked above, you’ll see that it was written in July 2013. Now, less than a year and half later, all three Lifeproof cases that we purchased are toast. In fact, they all began to crack or fall apart just a bit more than one year after the purchase date. Of course, that makes them just out of warrantee* too.

Now, when I buy cheap things and they fail, I feel “oh well, my bad.” When I buy a protective case that costs about one third of the cost of the device that it is meant to protect, or actually three of them (we purchased 2 iPad mini cases and 1 iPhone case), I think a bit more longevity should be expected. Wouldn’t you agree?

*The value of a warrantee is the subject for another post.


  1. That my friend, is a POS. Lots of people buy Otterboxes because they think that their phone is covered should you drop it and break. Actually only the Otterbox is covered! Hmmmm. I have a universal waterproof case I bought one at Eddie Bauer that works great.

  2. Yeah – I just had a problem with my Incipio case last week. It did save my phone – but not as good as expected. I tried SUP for the very first time and decided to paddle home from the office. Oh – and I thought I could just keep my fancy phone in my pocket – because hey – I have a waterproof case and SUP doesn’t look that hard! Anyway – I fell twice. Didn’t even think about the phone until I got home and reached into my pocket. Pulled out the phone and it was obvious that there was water under the glass. Phone was still working. Pulled the case off as quickly as possible and put the phone in a jar of rice. All is well – but I really thought that the case should have kept the phone dry 100%.

    So – Incipio case is still a bad ass case – and will probably protect the phone if I fall in the water on accident – but don’t plan to go swimming with it…

  3. Agree. Have you contacted Lifeproof? Product failures after a relatively short duration in use, particularly for 3 cases, are disappointing, but what’s often more telling is how a company responds. Curious to know if Lifeproof brushes you off or if they’ll make it right.

  4. Ya, I had the exact same problem with the Lifeproof case for my IPhone 5. Sent it in for warrantee replacement, which to their credit they did promptly. But the 2nd case had the same problem within a couple of months. At which point I bought an Incipio case which I’ve been very happy with. It survived an accidental dunk to 7′, 2 meters for you Canadian types :). Was down there for roughly 10 minutes before I dived and found it. Was bone dry when I opened it up.

  5. Love my Survivor + catalyst iPhone 5 case. Tough and waterproof…so far.

  6. We just saw a new product. By Snow Lizard that looks very promising but haven’t tried yet.

  7. Hi! There are multiple housing for diving…that may be the way to go.

  8. I have a Snow Lizard Case. Great idea. It lasted 10 weeks on the water. True, it had harsh use and probably saved the phone a half dozen times.

    First the latch that hold the top of the phone broke. I wired it shut with a twist tie and kept using it. Eventually the bottom water proof cover for the USB connector broke off. Then the USB port itself failed.

    Maybe someone more gentle than me would have better luck.

  9. I had the same experience with LifeProof cases. Just fell apart after a while. I actually bought this case from Amazon because it was cheap enough ($14) for a ‘test it out’ purchase. I was honestly quite surprised and happy with it. I have had it about 3 months and it has held up very well. It is a complete knock off but with a few improvements. It doesn’t look quite as nice, I don’t like the edges but I can agree that they add pretty good shock absorbtion. The screen is INTO the iphone instead of away so it’s easier to use the touch screen. And the headphone port stopper thing is connected to the case. Although with as cheap as usb bluetooth audio adapters and headphones are, I’d get one of those so you never have to open it except to charge. At $14 buy two for when one wears out. (link href=”″/>

  10. Have you tried contacting lifeproof? My partner has had them exchange, no questions asked, 2 lifeproof cases with no proof of purchase needed. Just emailed them pics of the broken case, and they mailed him new ones.

    And hey, if you throw your website readership numbers their way, perhaps they’d be more willing to listen….

    • No, I have not. I annoys me that I should be put into the position to have to do that. I live in the Caribbean, not the USA. Returning things is a PITA!

  11. Check out 100% waterproof bag for phone. Fits most phones and has been tested to 10m under water. The locking system is simple and strong and you don’t have to keep your phone inside all the time, really easy to use. Just £13.99 /$25. One of the best quality waterproof bags.

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