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We love to explore old ruins and forts. Perhaps that’s because we come from Kingston, where Fort Henry sit’s proudly on Lake Ontario’s coast. Or more likely, it’s just the inner child in us that still longs to play Hide and Seek. One thing that differs greatly when it comes to exploring places like this down here is that, in the islands, we seldom see the protective barriers and signs telling us to Keep Off that would be all-too-common in North America. Nope, if you want to take a header off a high wall down here, that’s entirely up to you!

Yesterday morning we raised anchor and moved a few miles north to anchor in Deep Bay, just south of St. John’s, the capital city of Antigua. High on the hill overlooking the bay is Fort Barrington which, the website says, is the only fort in Antigua to have seen military action. Fortunately these days, the only thing being shot up there are photographs, and for good reason, there sure is a beautiful view from the top!

Can you pick out ZTC in the above photo?

We go to great lengths to snap some of these pics!


  1. Lovely pics and we love it that your are enjoying our island this much.

  2. Fantastic pictures! You are living my dream, lol! Someday…

  3. Great Pictures M & R…….I did find your boat because it was the only cat……..One day I will be there with my ZTC thong on……

    • Hey John. You had asked about the ratio of cats to monos to trawlers, etc. This is pretty typical. There is one other cat and two other monos that you can’t see in the photo.

  4. Have you guys ever run into the boat “Vicareous” …. I ordered their DVD’s and watched about 10 hours of them this week……..

  5. Great set of pics, guys. Thank you for being so informative…makes one feel like they are actually there. Btw, us Aussies can play a bloody good game of tennis. Australian Open currently on. Cheers.

  6. Beautiful pictures! Wish I was there. Instead I have to work. 🙁

  7. You’re right .. the view from the top is gorgeous! Can’t wait to get there … and see John in his ZTC thong!

  8. Imagine those soldiers back in the day wearing wool uniforms down there!

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