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Aren’t Blogs supposed to somewhat like a diary? A weB-LOG? I think if we consider that most people’s diaries are in fact quite private ours is very true to its roots. We may just have the most regularly-updated blog that is read by no one 🙂 Or at least, not read by very many people (yet).

Well, in case someone DOES actually read this we finalized the sale of our house this evening! Woo hoo! The house closes April 24th giving us just 58 days to get all of our stuff sold. We are planning a party at our place next month. Both Rebecca and I love to entertain and this will likely be our last chance in this place. We have lots of practice though for those happy-hour-type get-togethers in tropical anchorages!

Party aftermath…


  1. Hi Rebecca and Mike,
    Love the blog!! I’m not sure if the kitchen will see as much alcohol in the future as Heather does all the drinking in the family!!! (she’ll love me saying that!!) HaHa

  2. Well Mike, I am reading your blog from the very beginning since finding you yesterday morning. You are living my dream and inspiring me every minute. My wife and I are talking about it more and more and hopefully she is moving to my way of thinking! By the way, we would surely throw a similar party in the same situation!!! Fair Winds, David

    • Hi David. Thanks for the nice email and for being such a trooper to try to read the entire blog (there are a lot of posts). Good luck making your dream of sailing a reality! Let us know how it goes.

  3. Just like David I found your blog a couple of days ago and am now in the process of reading the whole thing straight thru. But I hope I never catch up, thats how entertaining it is. Keep writing please 🙂
    We are in a similar state like when you started up and have so far started a discussion with our real estate agent but not set any dates yet. Most evenings are spent boat hunting and dreaming and browsing the web for info. Now that you’ve been out for a while, what are your impressions about your choice of boat, how has it worked out for you?
    Huge hello to you both from a cold Sweden just starting to thaw from layers of snow 😉

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