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If you have a goal and are working towards it, realize that you will have to deal with obstacles along the way. Yes, unfortunately, there will be moments in your life when things occur that you didn’t anticipate. The plan that you had so thoughtfully formulated will get sidetracked by something unexpected. When these troublesome incidents take place, many become discouraged from moving forward. I believe that it is often how a particular individual reacts to the occurrence, rather than the situation itself, that keeps them from reaching their goal.

Those challenging obstacles will only make you stronger

The trick to overcoming these obstacles is to accept them. If your goal is something you truly want – you have asked yourself ‘why?’ and came up with a good reason – keep going! Don’t use the problem as an excuse to stop. Obstacles can be overcome; the challenges you must face to get past them will only make you stronger in the end. Keep a positive attitude and adjust your plan to get through those stumbling blocks.

Check out this article on the challenges that Chris Bertish faced before successfully completing a significant achievement!


  1. YES! I know the challenges you two have faced (well, the ones that are documented) and I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again, you and Rebecca are truly and inspiration to my husband and myself. Although I hear a lot of naysayers about vlogs, I think we are going to start one from the VERY beginning. Right now sailing is a goal, a dream, a far-off expectation or whatever you want to call it. We try to surround ourselves with positive, open-minded people and that will NOT change no matter what we do. Encouragement and love can conquer the worst of times and thankfully my husband and I are each others biggest cheerleader. We know why we want to do what we want to do but sometimes we just want to do something because it feels right.
    I can’t wait to keep up on your new adventures, what an amazing life!!

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