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As mentioned yesterday, we are house sitting for some friends of ours. While we are here enjoying their beautiful house in sub-zero Canada, they are vacationing in tropical Cuba, no doubt lounging around on a beautiful, sandy beach. Can you say Jealous?

It is my understanding that, at least at the present time, our southern neighbors and friends, the Americans, are still not permitted to travel to Cuba. It is, however, a popular spot for Canadians to vacation, and I believe, for some cruisers to travel to. Last Christmas while visiting Rebecca’s parents we were given a Cruising Guide to Cuba by a couple of their friends. The couple, who had previously sailed their boat to the Caribbean, had planned on making it to Cuba but they never did. I guess it’ll be up to us then.


  1. The Nigel Calder guide has some serious ooops and not quites in it when we used it during our 2 month cruising time in the big C. You may want to seek out those who have been there and can give you charts specifically and charts / guides with their notes in it even better. Definitely worth a visit – a very special place!

    • Thanks for the heads up Cindy. We’ll certainly want to do some detailed research before heading there. Do you have any specific recommendations for guides/charts that we should look for, in the absence of first-hand intel?

  2. I think I’d heard where they were opening it up to us too.

  3. I sure hope that the ridiculous sanctions against Cuba will be lifted. If the goal had been to cause change in the Cuban leadership, there couldn’t have been a worse policy to pursue. However, the real goal was to obtain the votes of the Bastistianos who emigrated to Florida with the ;pelf they had looted from Cuba. Whatever the failings of the Cuban government, and they are many, as is true of all countries, cutting off trade hurt the USA more than it hurt Cuba. I hope the current American government will lift all of them. I would like to cruise to Cuba some day.

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