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When you set off cruising you really do enter a different dimension. Perhaps much like those who live and work on a farm, cruisers are typically awake at dawn and head to bed at a correspondingly early hour. We have even heard the expression “cruisers midnight” although I have yet to determine if that is 8:00 PM or 9:00 PM.

Yesterday we set off across the bay to attend a 3:00 PM luncheon hosted by the Bahamas Tourism Office. It was very well supported by the Georgetown cruisers, no doubt at least partially because they were offering free Bahamian food to those who attended. They had a raffle going there with each attendee receiving one ticket. The sun was obviously shining on us because we walked away with a gift certificate for $50.00 from the local grocery store. Woo hoo!

When that party ended we zipped back across the (mile wide?) bay to attend the ARG (Alcohol Research Group) meeting on the beach. The ARG, a BYOB/pot-luck-type affair, is apparently a long-standing thing here and again it was well supported. When darkness settled on the beach though, it wasn’t long until the crowd dispersed. We were among the last few to leave but when we arrived back to our boat, we found it was not yet even 8:00 PM!

That wouldn’t do for a Friday evening (yes, we sometimes still keep track of days) so back in the dinghy we went, zipping BACK across the bay to the Two Turtles Inn, just across the street from where we were at the first party. We arrived just before Happy Hour ended and spent a few hours with both our “old” friends as well as with some new ones. When our buddies decided to call it quits we bailed as well but after braving one final trip back across the now dark bay, we found ourselves back on our boat at only 10:15 PM! Three parties in a row and we’re home just after 10:00? No doubt that is well past “cruisers midnight” but it’s still pretty early for us.


  1. Sounds like a really neat and different Friday evening!Yeah on the gift certificate – lucky ya’ll! We had 7.5 inches of snow on Saturday and s/v Isabella made the trek from Oriental to Atlantic Beach in the snow. Another strange weather front coming thru tomorrow – hope it doesn’t change your wonderful weather! Would it be wrong to ask you to start praying for warmer weather for the folks that still work and can’t be on the water all the time????

  2. You two are a bit outside the classic cruisers demographic.

    IOW, you are younger and more fit! Combine getting up early, doing the boat chores (shopping/laundry/baking bread/schlepping water/engine maintenance), some beach volleyball, a few beers, sun, a beach party, a few beers, etc, with being a bit oder and a “bit” more outta shape and 9PM (Cruisers’ Midnight) slams your eyelids shut!

    Fair Winds,

  3. Glad you posted this! We were wondering how often cruisers used their dinghies at night. It would seem that alcohol, boating and darkness don’t go too well together. Sounds like you’ve answered our question. A good spotlight should help, however.

    • What you see a lot of is folks with LED headlamps. They are especially helpful on really dark nights with no moon and in a crowded anchorage. They also help you see to insert the key/dial the combination to unlock the dinghy. Of course, on those nights where you have a brilliant moon there is nothing like a quick dinghy ride with no lights!

      Fair Winds,

  4. Wow. Three hangovers by 10 PM. I’m not sure I am up to cruising after all…


  5. It’s all that fresh air that does it.

    Now I sound like my grandmother. Sigh. I hate getting old.

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