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While you’re waiting to read about our progress on the solar panel installation, I suggest that you check out the video Hold Fast that I first saw linked on the blog Sailing Me Voy. You think we’re crazy? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

Warning: the video is 1.25 hours long so make sure your boss isn’t around if you’re at work!

Hold Fast from Moxie Marlinspike on Vimeo.


  1. It was an interesting video and I am so all for economy sailing….that being said; would you like them as a slip neighbour? I wouldn’t. When they squatted out on that power boat and broke its davit raising their mast, well, that kind of disgusted me. To have so little respect for other peoples property is just plain wrong. I sail cheap, but not at other boaters expense….Allan

    • You are right, Allan. That is not stuff to emulate, nor is their fixing up their boat with stolen stuff (I think they said that). Their ability to just get out there and do it (go cruising), without all the fancy stuff that many people feel is a necessity, is a bit inspiring though.

  2. I am the boss πŸ™

  3. That was pretty entertaining…I will never make a direct deposit again without thinking of them…..My check that is……3 girls and 1 guy, one better than a MΓ©nage twa……..They do need to learn to kill a fish and filet……Maybe I will see if they need another guy on board…..

  4. It was worth watching to me, though Cindy couldn’t bring herself to watch it past the stealing things part. The aspect that appealed to me was the purity of the sailing; however, I wouldn’t like them as neighbors anywhere either.

  5. We should never judge books by the covers !! As for the “steeling of timber”they didn’t not say they stole it !! They said they borrowed tools & used stolen timber, may be the “flash so called people” had that timber and had not paid for it. “As for those sort of people, ” I would trust my life with some of them be for some others I have met during my travels. As he said he doesn’t do drugs , reefers joints or any thing else, What I believe they have all done is have an adventure “as cheap” as possible and not give to much to the Corporate companies that rob/steel from us all in some way. !!
    I will say he/they have inspired me more, in the way to JUST DO IT , you have to try.
    On the safety side then yup it was very silly not just for them but for the people who rescue people who get into difficulty by not “looking at the weather even” I was a fire fighter in UK for 15 years was a ship fire fighter I had to be winched up & down by Helicopter for those who got in less trouble than they were going through.
    On a final note he has done an ok job for an “amateur narrator” through it & the info of others years before them all. Well Done

  6. Sailing like that takes a lot of guts.

    Watching them kill that fish was brutal.

  7. i know i am a nose–eeee bugger but what ws the final cost of the panel ,unit cable etc
    ? hope you have your old one for sale :-))

  8. We have found the easiest (and far less violent) way for us to dispatch a large fish is using a small squeeze bottle with cheap tequila. When you first get the fish onboard squeeze some tequila in its gills and it will calm down almost imediately.

  9. They were brave kids and yes maybe they need to have more respect for other peoples things, and I think they did their best with what they had to work with, atleast they are doing it….r did it!

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