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Remember how I said the other day that I have gotten away from purchasing toys? Well it’s true. Outside of food and drink, and absolute essentials, we’ve been very strict with our spending. That said, we did break down and purchase something new yesterday, a couple of Luci lights. I think it was money well spent!

Plenty of benefits!

I first saw Luci lights on Two Fish, and have been lusting after them ever since. We have noticed that several of our friends have purchased them too, and for good reason. The lights are inflatable, weighing next to nothing, and they are waterproof. They are also solar powered, so draw no electricity. We purchased the most basic model which emits a soft light, perfect for the cockpit. Best of all, the lights are cheap!



Note: You can find these super-cool lights at Amazon, but we purchased ours here locally at Island Water World.