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Is it a coincidence (what my friend Matt would call a ‘coordinated incident’) that the author of The Sailboat Family Blog and I frequently write about the same things, or is it more? Take today’s post for example, which I wrote yesterday afternoon, but only hit publish this morning after waking up. Then, while checking out the various blogs and forums that I do, while letting the sleep clear from my eyes, I see that their blog’s post today deals with… you guessed it.. a Kindle! WTF! 🙂

As that family is tackling many of the same challenges that we are, and having to make many of the same decisions regarding their new-to-them catamaran, it is only natural that we be thinking of similar topics. Which is of course why I like to read it. I just think that the similarity in daily topics is a little weird sometimes. Cool, but weird!


  1. WOW! Okay, so while checking out your latest happenings, I saw your post about ereaders on the same day! I had to double check that I wasn’t on our blog! Great minds think alike! That’s cool, but weird. We really do need to stop these coincidences otherwise folks will think we are really one and the same. Fair winds Mike. -Bill

    • Thanks Bill. There have been multiple times that I have had an idea of what I should write about, visited your blog and found that you had just been talking about the same subject! Truly funny. I’m going to keep borrowing your good ideas, and learning from you guys as you go along. Thanks also for the plug about our blog. I appreciate it.


  2. I had also been wondering about the various e-readers. Sometimes, material is posted and downloaded without the requisite permissions. When this is discovered, one of the e-readers, (I forget which one) deletes it from all their devices. So you could be in the mddle of reading something that, unbeknownst to you, is illegally on the device, and it will disappear! Whoosh! Gone! Then your ony recourse is to either buy the paper version, or repair to the local library. Which isn’t easy if one is at sea. Also, I’m not sure the fees would fit into my budget. So I will wait for the market to shake out a bit, I think. Especially since the boat I want to buy may be sold, again. 🙁

    • I didn’t know about the deleting material thing. Definitely don’t like that!

      Like all things electronic there will likely be big changes before we set off sailing. I’m curious to see what they will be.

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