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I admit that I may have over-indulged a little during Monday’s Canadian Thanksgiving celebrations. Mike and I are still ‘on the wagon’ so alcohol wasn’t the problem. However, even with taking only small portions of the food, there was little room left on my plate when I left the potluck table. I just HAD to try (almost) everything that was laid out, didn’t I?

As you can imagine, after polishing off all of the delicious samplings, I felt completely stuffed! I’m not stressing about it though. The feast was awesome and I’ve been working out hard to burn it off!

I’ve been having some fun combining exercises using our aerosling Elite suspension trainer. Check out this cool combination incorporating 3 different exercises: a half burpee, a plank twist, and a suspended lunge.

Note: You will notice that I am holding onto the fore-stay of the boat while I do the lunge. This is due to the fact that, with our boat’s layout, I need to stand so far away from the suspension trainer’s anchor point that it is not possible for me to do a lunge with proper form without holding on.

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