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I am happy to report that we are nearing the finish line for the launch of our new site. One of the things I will be working on today is the header graphic for Zero to Cruising, and the tagline that goes along with it. As the original tagline “From total sailing newbies to live-aboard cruisers!” no longer seems like the ideal fit to me, I’m looking for suggestions for a new one. Keeping in mind that a tagline should further clarify a blog’s focus, I’d like to hear your thoughts. To make this a bit more fun, if we choose to use your suggestion, we’ll reward you by sending you a free copy of our Kindle* hiking guide, Ready to Get Wet. A huge prize, yes, I know.

To play along, add your tagline suggestions in the comments section of this post, or in the related post on our Facebook page. Have fun!

*Don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle. The book can be ready on any device using the free Kindle Reader app, and I’ll supply the winner with a .pdf copy that they can read on their computer.


  1. “Sailing adventures, fun times, and us!”

  2. I like what you already have because it does say a lot about who you are, how you look at things and how far you’ve come. It gives other newbies hope that they can get there too. That being said, here are my suggestions…

    Living the dream and on to the next adventure.
    From 2 hulls to 1 and everything in between.
    The trials and tribulations of boat life.
    Learning as we go and sharing what we know.

  3. “Onto our next sailing adventure.”

  4. From cruisers to adventurers – the logical next step for us.

  5. “Surging towards an adventure of a lifetime”

    “The path least traveled”

    “Adventures R US”

    “Boat maintenance in paradise”

  6. Our Imagination is our Inspiration. Embracing our Dreams, One adventure at a Time

  7. Den and I humbly submit this tag line: Adventures in sailing and siracha from chilling in Canada to cruising the Carribbean in search of Clamato for sundowner Ceasars


  8. This is a nice redesign, well done.

    For the heading, your site name says much of it. How about a tag line of
    “Beginners to Cruisers to Seafarers”


  9. Liveaboards and Active Adventurers – From Canada to the Caribbean to Patagonia

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