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One of the special pleasures of longer passages is the opportunity to witness the full cycle of the earth’s rotation. The color of the water, the clouds and all that surrounds us changes radically from sunset to sunrise. Here are some pics from last night’s passage to illustrate what I’m talking about.

While I wrote in my last post that we had both a Plan A destination (Saba) and a Plan B destination (St. Kitts), we improvised on the fly again and opted to split the difference between the two spots, leaving us at Plan C (Statia).

St. Eustatius, more commonly referred to as Statia, is one of the few Eastern Caribbean islands that we have yet to explore. While Saba remains on the “save for later” list, Statia reportedly has some great hiking too. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find the Easter Bunny while we’re out exploring.


  1. Wonderful Pictures and did that Canadian ship come to say hello…..

  2. These are fantastic shots. I saw the link to your sailing track. Did you sail overnight to Oranjestad Bay?

  3. Lots of hiking opportunities, especially the Quill and the crater. Actually, just getting to Oranjestad is a pretty good stretch of the legs.


  4. Wonderful photos….the color is just amazing! Keep em coming.


  5. LOVELY pictures!

    When you have scaled Quill volcano, there are two sizeable bumps to the north of the island as well, apparently.


  6. Mike,
    I was at work last night and really enjoyed following you on the spot tracker. It helped the night go by a lot easier thinking about where you guys were. When you were outside of Saba, I thought you were going to stop. The next update you went flying by the island. Thanks for helping me pass the time at work last night, be safe and have fun.

    • That’s nice, Izzy. Outside Saba we took our Genoa down and slowly motored around the coast, as close as we dare. It was still quite dark then, even with the full moon. Because of that, we decided that it probably wasn’t prudent for us to force the issue there. If we had arrived an hour later, maybe we would have stayed.

  7. On photographs such as your first one above, there is a black ‘thing’ in the rigging, the shape of a portable vhf, that appears to be on one line and is tied across to another as well. What is it please.

    (No I don’t mean the Wirie on some other pics.)


    • What you are looking at is the flag halyard cleat covered by a little Sunbrella cover that Rebecca sewed. The cover prevents the Genoa sheets from getting hooked on it (them actually, there is one on each side) when tacking.

  8. Glad to see that you had a safe passage and have arrived in Statia. You seem to have timed your escape perfectly because unbeknownst to the weatherman, it has turned cold and very windy here in the B/US VI, dead out of the east at 20 – 25 knots!

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