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After yesterday’s post where I focused on the 4-letter word work, I thought I’d better post some pics to prove that we haven’t forgotten how to have fun too, or at least, fun in our own kind of way. Yesterday’s fun involved a 20km hike along the coastline here where we were treated to some amazing scenery. Those interested in following our path will be happy to know that the hike involved no crazy hills to climb nor anything dangerous, so long as one stays a safe distance away from the cliffs. It is also not necessary to hike quite as far as we did; you could turn back and retrace your steps whenever you choose.

Our turn-around point.


  1. Awesome Pictures Mike and Rebecca………Makes the work all worth while…

  2. Great pics!

    I love the sign. The woman appears to have a bowl on her face and why can’t she have a hiking stick?

    Been lurking since the beginning when you were removing the mast to navigate some canals/rivers.

    I can’t believe how long you’ve been out there – how time flies.

    Hoping to join you cruisers out there one day!


  3. Great pictures! I love that beach in the picture about 8 down… wow!!! And all to yourself it looks like. All I’d need is a deck chair and enough cold drinks and I’d be there all day!

  4. Were you properly “dressed” at Petite Anse Des Salines? Curious if you found that one. 😉

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