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We departed Cumberland Island yesterday along with our friends on Knot Tide Down, headed towards Jacksonville. Our other friends on the boats Sabbaticus and Southern Bella, who were also at Cumberland Island, took off a bit earlier with the intention of jumping outside to go to St. Augustine. We ended up fighting the current almost all the way up the St. Johns River, only to arrive 10 minutes too late for a bridge opening that we required.

During the day’s travels, the VHF radio was non-stop with announcements from the Coast Guard, searching for a fishing vessel named Animal Control which was apparently overdue. I’m not sure whether they had filed a float plan and not checked in or they were just reported overdue by a friend. Either way, the Coast Guard was repeating announcements about them over and over and over. I do hope that nothing serious happened and I feel confident that should we ever run into trouble, the Coasties will be all over it, at least as long as we are in the US.

We had our own little run in with the Coast Guard yesterday when we transited by a security zone. When an armed inflatable with several Coast Guard officers came up along side us, we of course slowed down, thinking that they meant to board us. When I hailed them to find out what was up, they let us know that they were merely escorting us through that section of water. That’s another first for us.

Can you say “low tide?”

This barge may not look too close in the photo but it sure seemed close as it was steaming past us.

You could smell the coffee right out in the channel. Mmmmm

I love these things… they so remind me of Star Wars!

One of many bridges. This one was was high enough that we could just go under it.

This one was NOT high enough. We planned to tie up on a free dock JUST on the other side of it. We unfortunately arrived at rush hour and thus had to wait over an hour for it to open.

On the other side of that bridge, safely tied up and happy.


  1. If you have our phone number give us a call when you leave St Augustine. Know you will not be stopping in Palm Coast but we can come down to the waters edge & jump around like mad ducks!!!

  2. Hey, the rehearsal dinner we went to was at a place overlooking that bridge!!! Sorry we missed you.

  3. If the Coast Guard was anything like our Pit Bull, they would have jumped aboard and kissed you to death (but then that would ruin their tough guy image). As for bridges, I was looking at our cruising guide and saw that there is a 56′ fixed bridge near Miami. It’s the Julia Tuttle but back when Hans lived there it was the Arthur Godfrey. Our mast is 50′ but Hans says if the weather’s good, sailing outside would be so much nicer as it’s beautiful along the coast.

  4. You’re not leaving J’ville without seeing Charlie, are you? He’d hate to have to chase you down in Tex’s new boat! BTW, those pictures are great, especially the night ones! And you DID get through the bridge. Glad you are “safely tied up and happy”!

  5. Ummm… no! That barge looks too close in the picture as well!! Sheesh!

  6. Hey guys! I ran across your story a few weeks ago in Multihulls Quarterly and started reading from the beginning. I just had to comment now because Jacksonville is my hometown. Great pics…I know what you mean with the barges. I was once waked by one in while in a 19′ Bowrider:-0…As for the bridges…you should see them lit up with fireworks the Friday after Thanksgiving…they pour over the sides like a fire waterfall…awesome sight to see! Anyways, I enjoy reading your blog! Thanks:)

  7. You keep mentioning that the cranes remind you of Star Wars. I’m not sure if you are being tongue in cheek and already know this or not – the Imperial Walkers are inspired by the exact same kind of cranes in Oakland Harbor. They SHOULD remind you of Start Wars!

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