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While we may be a bit displaced from the ocean, a lot of work is still taking place to prepare for our eventual time on the new boat, both by Rebecca and I, and by our friend Michael. One of the jobs that I took on was to research insurance providers. Several months ago, I invested countless hours in obtaining quotes and reviewing policies. When we were finally ready to pull the plug on purchasing insurance the other day, I was informed by one of the brokers that I had spoke to that their quote was no longer valid. While that was not a complete shock given the time that had elapsed, because they had now changed companies, I was told that to insure with them was now going to cost a full 50 percent more than what were initially quoted! The broker of course, apologized for the inconvenience. I was quick to point out that a 50% increase is more than an inconvenience! Needless to say they will not be getting our business.

On a much more fun note, we have been shopping like it’s Christmas. Just as our first purchase for ZTC was to upgrade its ground tackle, we opted to do the same for the new Leopard. As longtime readers know, I have written dozens of posts about how happy we are with our Rocna anchor. It has never failed to keep our boat safe, even in the roughest anchorages. Some people might thus be surprised to hear then that we opted to purchase a different brand of anchor for the Leopard. It’s true though, instead of a Rocna we purchased a brand new 85 lb. Mantus to use as the primary anchor on the Leopard. One look at the Mantus and you’ll see that it is of a very similar design to the Rocna. Three factors swayed us to investing in their product. Firstly, their side by side tests are very convincing. Check out the videos below to see what I mean. Secondly, we have several friends who are now using Mantus anchors and they all speak very highly of them. Last, but definitely not least, the Mantus anchors are being sold for less money than the Rocnas, or the other new-gen competitor, the Manson Supreme. In addition to that, the Mantus company offered us a discount to test their product. With all that lining up, the decision was a bit of a no-brainer for us.

I’m sure there are those who will argue that the videos somehow don’t offer a fair comparison.
They look pretty convincing to me though!

While we have yet to take possession of the anchor, I heard yesterday that it is now waiting at our freight forwarder in Miami, ready to be shipped on to St. Maarten where we will pick it up. I’ll obviously write more about the product when I get my hands on it, and get the opportunity to stick it in the sand. I will say now that the communication and service by the people at Mantus has been first rate. They answered my inquiries in a timely manner and shipped exactly when they said they would. If only all companies could do those simple things!

One last item on our Mantus purchase list was their innovative chain hook. Our friend Drew has recently been testing this cool new piece of gear and he told me that he thinks it rocks. I’m looking forward to putting it through its paces too! In the meantime, check out what Drew has to say about it.


  1. We’re going to buy one this summer too. I can’t wait!

  2. Looks very promising. Will keep them in mind when we get closer in our endeavors.
    Quick easy set, and less expensive. Sounds like a win, win. Wonder how the bolted sections will hold up?

  3. American Insurance Companies can NOT be Trusted for Coverage on AnyThing they Provide Coverage For Anymore …Except…..w/grain Salt……MAYBE….USAA…….It is /or was a good Provider…….Best for you to Try Loyds of London or some British or Canadian Firm that is not Backed By a U.S.of A company…..

  4. Don’t we all love Insurance Companies!!!! ????

    The only one that I know of that has not let down either me or any of my friends is Pantaenius. So far so good.

    I like the look of the Mantus too. But of course I bought a Rocna 2 years ago. Mine is good, but I am very tempted by the new boy in the market.

    Happy shopping!

    Happy family.

    Happy Demi!


  5. I wonder if this insurance provider’s revised quote was influenced not just on the length of time since the original quote — or the time of year. If you’re asking for coverage in St Maarten starting in August, its bound to be much higher than in March.

    I’ll be curious to hear how you like your anchor 6 months after use. Anchor selection always promotes much debate. I noted that the guy in the video wasn’t testing an 85 pound anchor, and the hard beach sand wasn’t turtle grass, or mud either…… You always need several anchors, for different conditions. You know all that.

    What size anchor chain will you be using? What OTHER anchors will you carry?

    • I don’t believe that was the cause of the increased rate. He told me that since the time they gave the first quote (which was competitive with all the other quotes we received) they had changed carriers (I’m not sure if that is the correct word but who actually issues the insurance policy).

      I am curious to see how the anchor works too. I suspect it will perform in a similar fashion to the Rocna. As for the tests and weight, I suspect that if one was to increase the weights of all the anchors, and then increase the force applied to them in a corresponding fashion, we would see similar results. That is a guess though. One thing I do know is that if it was in Turtle Grass, none of the other anchors would come close to the new-gen models (Mantus, Rocna, Manson).

      What other anchors will we have? The boat has a Delta on it now as a Primary. We’ll keep that as backup. I think it also has a CQR or a smaller Delta (originally the backup). We’ll likely ditch that. I’d like to purchase a suitably sized Fortress for use as a kedge, stern, etc. Once set, those anchors are hard to beat for holding power.

      The chain on the boat is 3/8 I believe.

  6. We’re on the fence still whether or not to go the insurance route. They have a great product to sell, they’ll pay for your possible misfortune or ineptitude to stay safe… long as every single rule they impose you and your boat is followed.

    I understand your situation with the new program it’s a given, the boat needs it, but for many of us, maybe some common sense, past knowledge and a new 65# Mantus anchor is enough. Who you going to bet on?

  7. Look at Kanetix. They broker their business. I didn’t do any research on it for your purposes but I use them for travel insurance and they always beat any other Canadian company. Worth a shot maybe….

  8. Hi Mike and Rebecca,
    We met at the Annapolis boat show on your way down south (4yrs ago?). Sounds like you have another option for insurance but if you were able to find out which insurer the original quote came from you could call them directly. If they are a “direct writer” you can purchase from them or if not you could ask them for the names of a few brokers they use to place their business. Speaking from the Canadian perspective not sure how it works in the US.

  9. I like the look of the Mantus hook. We have a new hook and already fell off. NOT good when starting our second trip to the Bahamas and other places. Will by the hook only as happy with how our anchor work first trip down in 2010. We were anchored close by in Allen’s Cay close to Christmas 2010. Had a front come through and you and other cats were sailing all over at anchor that night.

    S/V Changes
    Red C&C 34

  10. Mike – really curious… have you considered the new Spade anchor (you know, the yellow one)? I don’t recall but I think it rated well in the recent PS tests, by one of Drew’s counterparts…

  11. […] the 1/4″ stainless steel one and is having it delivered to our friend Chet in Conn. Thanks to ZTC for posting about it in their […]

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