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Yesterday I posted a list of tasks that we were hoping to get done. Here is how we fared…

Hire a rigger to install our antenna insulator

Done, I think. I didn’t hear back from Jim at Atlantic Rigging to confirm when it will be done but he did say today or Thursday.

I’m sure we have less boat work to do than these guys. Check out the people up in the rigging.

Finish the lash boards for our jerry cans

Who could possibly have imagined that we would be spending so much time (and money) on a couple of stupid boards? Certainly not us!

Troubleshoot our engines

A work in progress.


We no longer need to live on Ramen noodles. Good thing because I think we were in line to acquire scurvy.

Visit Sailrite to purchase some Sunbrella fabric for sewing projects

Our thoughts on this experience can be best summed up in this video:

We did walk out of there with enough fabric and thread for a lot of projects. Stay tuned. 🙂


  1. Hilarious! We love Seinfeld … never gets old. I hope it wasn’t that bad at Sailrite! =)

  2. Boards look great….Now you should carve the name “ZTC” in gold leaf on the outside side…kidding

  3. HA! Sailrite! Been. There. Done. THAT!!


  4. I thought the people at Sailrite were supposed to be NICE!!!!!!

  5. Nice boards, carving is a great idea. What boat is that? My daughter has been there and done that… in the rigging that is.

  6. Switch off the fuel at the tank and let the engine run itself out of fuel to stop! reverse the action to start, switch on the tank open the vent and pump fuel through, same problem shouldnt occur again.

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