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After last Sunday’s post about our leaky seacock, I made a small addition to One Love’s safety kit. Although I’m a little confused as to why they changed the name from TruPlug to Sta-Plug, I think this inexpensive device will be a better solution if there is a failure at a through-hull than the standard wooden plugs that most of us carry.

Note: The O-ring in the seacock’s handle has, as my friend suggested it might, reseated itself and there is no longer any dripping from the handle.


  1. I carry wooden plugs, but this is a good product to have also….Might just put on my Santa Clause List

    • We, of course, have wooden plugs too. The comparison video between this and the wooden plugs is quite dramatic. As far as boat gear goes, this is pretty cheap, only around 20 bucks.

  2. My guess is they either had a copyright issue, or someone in marketing said, “are you kidding? You passed up Sta-Plug for Tru-Plug?”

  3. Cool product, thanks for sharing.

  4. So, are you buying one for each through hull fitting on the boat?


  5. What I like best about the StaPlug is that it might come in handy if you unexpectedly acquire a hole other than one where the seacocks are (they might not be round, or react well to having a wooden plug forcefully placed).

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