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Two days ago I wrote how Rebecca and I had agreed to take on a very short-notice charter. I also shared how there is a lot of planning and preparation that goes into making these charters come together successfully. What I didn’t mention is that we get a lot of help in pulling this all together. In fact, before we ever agree to take on a charter like this, we send out several messages to make sure that our teammates are available to assist.

Wilma helps to get the interior of the boat spotless for our guests.

Debi spends countless hours tracking down the provisions for the charter.

Sammy gets our laundry done better, faster and cheaper than we could ever do it ourselves.

Although the charter guests seldom ever see them, the roles our on-the-ground support team play are crucial. They not only make our job infinitely easier, in some cases like this, when we have little time to prepare, they make the impossible possible. Go team!!!


  1. I know Debi B from her St Croix days and SCUBA.

  2. Seeing the last picture, the watermark is on the t-shirt of the guy on the left. Seemed to be the t-shirt. Anyway, would make an amazing design. I would love one of those.

  3. Well said, and well done the team.

    It goes a long way to explaining some of the queries that I have had.



  4. I always find it interesting to see how things really happen behind the scenes Mike. Never knew you had all this incredible back up..


  5. There’s lots of moving parts making it happen. Good on y’all for assembling/leading such a supportive team!

  6. And I thought you did it all, superstars.

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