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The other day I promised that when we acquired a better Wi-Fi signal I would upload some pics from our trip to Cascade Didier here in Martinique. Well, we’ve been forced to visit McDonald’s to get such a connection but here you go, a selection of pics from the scenic hike, and in a few moments, a little GoPro video of me playing in the waterfall. It was an enjoyable trip and one that we definitely recommend.

By the way, if all the pics below don’t satisfy your photo fix today, I highly recommend that you check out the 200 photos from our Boiling Lake hike that we uploaded onto a Facebook album today. We took over 600 pics during that hike and believe me, it was tough for us to narrow that lot down to only 200. I hope you enjoy them.

Today, after a final visit to the chandlery and the grocery store, we’re going to raise anchor and move our boat over to the anchorage at Grande Anse, which we’ve been told has been nicknamed Turtle Bay because of all the turtles there (duh!). We’re looking forward to a change in scenery, and (fingers are crossed) perhaps some Wi-Fi!

We came across this guy “rescuing” a hawk (?) which was trapped behind the chain link fence that you can see in the background. I put the word rescuing in quotes because we don’t think the guy intended on letting the bird go. I’m not really sure what he was up to.

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  1. Pertaining to the video, “in a few moments” now means 1239 minutes, the current Youtube ETA. 🙁

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