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As some of our readers noted, yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. 365 days before that we set sail from Kingston, Ontario headed south. A year ago today we cleared into the US at Oswego and began preparations for our trip down the canals. So much has happened since that time.

Yesterday was our first day back at Port Louis Marina and we were once again thrust back into the social arena. The big event last evening was Movie Night on J-dock being hosted by our friends Bill and JoAnne on the trimaran Ultra. They hoisted a big screen on the back of their boat and we watched Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie in The Tourist with a bunch of other cruisers while they served us popcorn. How cool. I understand there is another party down that way tonight too. Busy, busy.

In 30 minutes or so we’re heading out to help our buddy Mike sail his catamaran Happy Times into the marina. His wife and daughter are back in the US at the moment visiting friends and family so he’s all alone on the boat. Docking here single handed might be a bit of a chore.


  1. Hey Mike,

    Just wanted to send you a heads up that I ordered some TRX stuff from the link on your page. You may want to follow up with them to make sure you get your referral fee. Thanks for turning me on to a great product. BTW, congratulations on 1 year sailing anniversary! -Ed

  2. Wow, the past year has flown! We’ve been following since months before your departure and so glad the past year has been a great one for ya’ll. We’ve enjoyed your posts and “Happy Cruising Anniversary”!

    How cool to watch a movie outdoors … on a boat!

  3. Happy 1 year anniversary …. With many more to come !!! Sounds like you had a great time last week and as always awesome pictures… Too bad you had to leave early due to the upcoming system !! Bet it’s good to be back home on ZTC ?? Novel idea for movie night ha ha.

    • Thanks guys. Yes, even though this system will most likely affect us much less than those north of us, it is still comforting to be back by our boat, just in case.

  4. A full year now, eh? Amazing. And closing in on three years since this site popped up and you started sharing this dream with all of us.

    And now you’re out there living it. Customs agents, gear failures, logistical nightmares, storms. And stunning scenery, perfect beaches, exotic locations, many new friends, a sturdy yacht under your feet, a loyal spouse by your side.

    Is it proving to be worth it? I think the smiles in the first photo say it all….

  5. Congrats on the one year mark. I started following your blog about 2 months ago. Great writing keep it up.

  6. A belated congrats from both of us! Livia & Carol

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