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I posted the photographic evidence of how beautiful yesterday’s hike was. From those pics you might have gathered that we all ended up sweaty, wet, and somewhat muddy. What was not obvious from the photos is that each one of us also ended up quite itchy, especially on our arms and legs.

This itchiness is not an unusual reaction for me when hiking in the bush. In fact, I often end up with areas of my body that are itchy when hashing, most frequently my limbs. I always assumed that I was allergic to something in the forest, but since all five of us had the same reaction, it had to be something more.


Looking for an answer, Rebecca sent our knowledgable friend Devi a message, describing the symptoms to her. She came back right away with the hypothesis that we were victims of Chiggers. Chiggers? What the hell are Chiggers? Well, Google has the answer. We also found out what to do about them.


Pretty gross, right?

“Chiggers are known locally [in Grenada] as bête wouj, and are the parasitic larvae of the harvest mite that move to tips of leaves and grasses.” Source: Grenada: Carriacou – Petite Martinique, by Paul Crask


They are extremely tiny!


  1. And how do you get rid of the little buggers?

  2. Can’t stand those little buggers. I grew up along the Gulf Coast and they’re all over the place. One of my roommates had to go the hospital after an encounter at an outdoor music festival. He had to have been standing in a nest. From the knees down he was eaten alive. I’ve found bug spray around the top of your socks when you’re out hiking really helps.

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