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The content of our Research page is evidence enough that there is no shortage of cruising-related blogs. These days it is more common than not for those we run into on the water to have a blog of their own, if for no other reason than to keep their friends and family updated on their travels. It seems to me that, more often than not, the blogs are administered and written by the female of the couple, assuming of course that it’s not a single hander male running the boat. Many of these sites are extremely well written. I do note a very distinct difference in style and content on the blogs written by women when compared to those written by guys, such as ours, for example. Your thoughts?

Today is my and Rebecca’s 10th wedding anniversary. The Americans were kind enough to organize a parade and fireworks yesterday to help us celebrate. Doesn’t that rock? 😉

They even had a band for us.

Of course we had to join in the fun!


  1. I happen to think Zero To Cruising is one of the best written blogs out there. You tell it like it is, shoot from the hip, and still manage to tell a great story in an organized fashion. As we entered the world of blogging, you kinda started out as my mentor and probably didn’t even know it. But…..I am the girl of our crew and I do the writing, so I’m sure my style is different! I think I tend to be long winded…LOL…I need to work on that 😉

    Happy Anniversary!

  2. One of the things that makes your blog is the frequency of updates. It doesn’t matter what you are doing, you find something to talk about. From sailing, hashes, dinner, hiking, scraping the boat, trying to get a part across the word, to porn shots of carburetors, you put it all out there. You even have a bikini model!

    Anyway, I find the blog more real and more about the actual lifestyle then most blogs out there. I hope it keeps going for a long long time.

  3. One comment from my wife…. She would like a few more posts from Rebecca to get the other side of the story. I think she suspects it would be a rant about you wasting all day fiddling with a carb and then making her clean the anchor chain. 🙂

  4. I’v always enjoyed reading male authors and your writing flows, gets to the point plus your blogs are entertaining and interesting. You have a great style and I hope you never change it. I also think the big plus on your side is that you update daily, so thanks for that as I’m sure it is not easy at times. Congrats to you both, what a great neighbourhood to come out and make your day special…. hope you blessed with many more healthy and happy years together.

  5. Happy Anniversary! New follower. LOVE your blog and the sharing of your life and adventure!

  6. We’ve noticed this on The Monkey’s Fist – we’ve linked to over 120 blogs, but only a small handful are written by men.

    I like hearing BOTH sides of the story – one of our contributing blogs is written he said/she said style – very funny!

    • I enjoy well written blogs regardless of the gender of the author. I was just noting the differences between the two. Males are definitely in the minority.

  7. Happy anniversary.

  8. Interesting comment from Bruce about the daily/frequent updates, as my 3 of my favourite blogs are ZTC of course, Bumfuzzle & one from a narrowboat in the UK, call Waiouru. They are all written by men, update nearly daily, and just basically write about something they have observed that day.

  9. You need to get back to your routes. You are becoming total sell out’s to the all mighty dollar. Your journey is no longer about cruising and seeking a simple lifestyle of lifes simple adventures. Good luck, I hope you find what you’re looking for.

    • LOL

      I just watched a movie where one cop said to another “there are two things in life you can’t take back: a bullet from you gun and the words from your mouth.” Knowing how stupid this post makes you look, I bet you’re wishing you could take this back.

      • Sorry to disappoint you, but no, I don’t feel stupid as my comment was intended to be a pun, a play on words. Getting back to your original “routes” (course) will bring you to your “roots” (original purpose). However, I was overly judgemental of your personal lives in a public forum “comments section”, for that I apologize. Yes, I know, everyone has the option to simpy not follow the blog if they have lost interest, instead of expressing their opinion.


        • Apology accepted.

          For the record, people can feel free to comment as they see fit. I however, reserve the right to publicly tell them what I think of their opinions if the mood suits me.

  10. You’re writing has actually inspired me to read more! I’ve never followed a blog before I came across yours. Your writing skills rock!

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