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When we first came up with the idea for us to sell everything and head off sailing, we had no idea that there would be so many people out there paralleling our course. One such couple, who we have mentioned here on numerous occasions, is Carol and Livia. They too have been documenting their cruising preparations on a blog (a very good one in my opinion) and it has been fun for us to see how so many of the same steps and decisions we have had to make.

Well, the end of the preparations and the beginning of the fun is now here for them. Their website lists their departure as tomorrow (or perhaps Wednesday). We’re sorry that we can’t be there to wish them Bon Voyage in person, so we’ll just have to do it virtually, via the web.

Have a great adventure Carol and Livia. Although you’re on the wrong side of the country to make it easy, perhaps we’ll meet up on the water some day.


  1. Thanks dude!

    It has been a pleasure to follow you guys through all your prep work and will continue to check in. If you end up on the best coast, make sure to look for us. Have fun!


  2. This is *really* Livia this time 😉

    I feel like I know you guys already which is very cool (and probably a bit creepy). I have you in my feed reader so that every time I get an internet binge I’ll be checking in with zerotocruising. I’m really excited for you and it has been unexpectedly great to find prepping peers to commiserate with.

    Please do keep in touch, Liv

  3. PS – Bon Voyage tomorrow and departure Wednesday morning.

  4. Wash your mouth out with soep…..I know you were going to say the East Coast…..Being second like the Lakers (west coast) to the Celtics (east coast) is nothing to be ashamed of….They should hang their heads high, go through the canal and come visit us yankees on the east coast.

  5. No matter which coastis one’s departure point, the main thing is to depart! Bon Voyage, Estrelita, and Mike and Rebecca, I know you will soon be on your way as well. Hurrah for the internet, which allows us to keep up!

  6. Yes, we were also surprised at how many people are hittin’ the road, uh, I mean “boat” like we are. We’ll definitely start following them as we’ve been following others such as you and Rebecca. Ya’ll are next. We’ll be wishing ya’ll Bon Voyage in no time!

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