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What’s new in St. Thomas? Rebecca and I spent a large chunk of the day on board yesterday working on the computer. Rebecca’s task was to itemize the expenses from the last charter and I spent time editing photos and updating our charter website(s).

After being cooped up all day Rebecca and I were getting a bit stir crazy so we took the kayaks out for a brief spin around the harbor. Of course, just as we did so the wind picked up so we got a bit of a workout paddling upwind. We’ve had some pretty crazy squalls here lately resulting in some flooding on land and some dragging drama in the harbor. Fortunately, when the largest of these squalls was taking place we were tucked away in our own private bay with no one else around us. We were definitely thankful for that. One of our friends ended up dragging and getting his anchor chain wrapped around another boat’s chain and it cost him a $500.00 diver fee to get that sorted out. Not cool. One reason that we plan to leave One Love at a marina while we’re in Barbados is so that we don’t have to worry about things like that.

In other news I just found out that our friend John has his 38′ catamaran Stingo for sale. We’ve spent a bit of time on Stingo and in my opinion, a 38′ cat is perfect for a couple to cruise on. We all know that there are a lot of you out there looking to do that, right? In fact, just last night as we were leaving a restaurant with our friends, we were stopped by a young couple at the bar who shared that they too read this blog and are planning to begin boat shopping so that they can go cruising. Awesome! If they see this post perhaps they’ll chime in and say hello.

As a last little laugh for this morning, after receiving several emails from Amazon threatening to pull our book Ready To Get Wet? from their virtual shelves, we completed their mandatory tax information. Having now done so, we have learned that they are going to withhold 30% of the gross sales of our book. LOL. Good luck paying down the deficit with that, guys. Sales are pretty slim. 🙂


  1. Hi Guys! It was a pleasant surprise meeting you last night at the pie whole. Hopefully we will see you around again when we come back to the VIs on our own boat. As always we enjoy reading your blog!

  2. Didn’t realize you had written a book . The blog and FB post are always great so I picked up the just now. Hope that helps. My wife and I are still about 7 yrs. from living the dream, until then I have live vicariously through you. ( please say hi to Wayne at Barefoot Cowboy Lounge on St. John, and while there have some great Texas BBQ.)

  3. I couldn’t, at first, find what you had changed on the 1L site. 2 pics only. Then I found the blog and a few other bits. Yes it looks a good deal better now.

    My only suggestion, which is a matter of personal choice, can you slow down the rate at which the pictures in the heading are scrolling? If the reader wants to look at them, they are too fast. If you are prone to epilepsy or something then they would be worrying. Maybe it is just that my laptop is fast, but they are too quick for me.


  4. Which is why I quit selling mine. With the tax bite figured on the gross (not net) the pricing got stupid. I’ve been writing another on the very out-of-the-way Chesapeake–a lot of kayaking and small beaches–but I won’t be publishing it now. While some may find its way in to my blog, paid work is more complete. Love only carries it so far.

  5. I have been following your blog for the past 3 months or so and have enjoyed all of your adventures. We have been planning on becoming cruisers like yourself for about 5 years. Today we made an offer on a 38 foot catamaran and will be comming to St. Martin in the near future to begin our adventure. Hope to run across you someday down that way.

  6. I did it!! At this very moment I finally completed reading your entire blog from the beginning! It was a lot of ‘work’…or rather alot of me NOT working at work. But now that I’m caught up to the present I can stay up to date with just a few minutes each day. (Over my lunch hour, of course.) My work productivity will surely increase again. I some how stumbled across your blog while I was getting ready to take my ASA 101 course back in July and have been hooked ever since. You guys certainly add fuel to a person’s dreams. While I don’t realistically ever plan to be able to cut the cord and be a full time cruiser. (At least not if my plans include remaining married….I can still dream though.) I do however plan to complete the ASA 103 and 104 classes at a minimum and someday soon be one of ‘those charter people’. Hopefully after completing the clasess I will at least be able to do it safely and semi-confidently. Anyway my elbow is starting to hurt from patting myself on the back here! I really should get back to work.
    You guys are great! Keep it up!
    Who knows maybe I will convince my wife (and some friends) to book a week on One Love sometime to get those plans and maybe even the dreams kickstarted!

    • Hi Chad

      Congratulations! It takes commitment to get through the entire blog. Good luck with your sailing courses and if you do decide to charter down here, we’d love to have you join us on One Love!

  7. D and Don svsoutherncross - Reply

    Nice job on the web site.

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