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I have a couple of pet peeves when it comes to blogging. The first are blogs that are very infrequently updated as, admittedly, ours has been as of late. The second is bloggers who make up elaborate excuses for why their blogs are infrequently updated, or apologize for their lack of posts. While I am most definitely guilty of the first, I refuse to fall prey to the second. No excuses. I simply haven’t posted because I have had nothing of note to share.

Our final week in Fernie

Almost daily Facebook questions me, “Are you ready for the snow today in Fernie?” Yes, winter is still in full effect here but this will be our final week having to deal with it. Our plan, as it stands today, is to drive with our brother-in-law to the Oyama area, our new home base, on Friday. I expect that our 8-hour drive west will take us from the full-on Fernie winter to some legit springtime weather. Or, at least, we hope that’s what’s happening in the Okanagan Valley these days. Yes, as fun as skiing and riding our bikes in the snow can be, we’re looking forward to shedding a few layers of clothing.

That said, we did take advantage of a recent snowfall by scheduling a family ski/snowboard day on Easter Monday. As luck would have it, cold snow, warm sun, and a relatively empty mountain combined to make it a truly epic outing, and one we won’t soon forget. It’s worth noting that I haven’t been on a snowboard in almost a decade but in spite of that, still managed to have one of my best days yet. It’s true, my family did try to kill me by leading me down steep black diamond runs but as my posting here today proves, they were unsuccessful. Rebecca, who grew up skiing but had been snowboarding with me the years prior to our heading out cruising, got the chance to try out some of the new hi-tech skis that people are using these days. As anyone who knows her might imagine, she looked like a pro straight away.

I either need longer arms or a selfie-stick!

When you have the mountain almost all to yourself.

Our niece Morgan showing her stuff.

Followed by our nephew, Owen.

I was the only outcast on a snowboard.

Huge thanks to our family for treating us to an awesome day on the mountain!

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