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As evidenced by my recent reluctance to adjust the valve clearances on our diesel engine, I am not very knowledgeable, or super confident, when it comes to mechanical repairs. I am much less reluctant to dive into electrical work though, especially basic wiring and troubleshooting.

Yesterday, while killing a few hours before the dinghy concert that we planned to go to, I began dissecting our nav station with the intent of figuring out, and hopefully cleaning up, the bird’s nest of wires that I knew was hidden behind the panels. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words…

First panel removed. Yes, this is going to take some work.

These are all wires that I removed which were not connected to anything!

Still a lot of work to do. Several unconnected wires remain. Where they go, I do not yet know.

After the work, we attended Grenada’s 27th dinghy concert. Always a fun time.

Especially when shared with friends.


  1. No one brought an awning? Looks a bit hot on those barges but no doubt a great time.

  2. You fixed an oil leak on a Perkins, 9 out of 10 people cannot do that… Great to see progress!

  3. Good to get all those wires out of there, Mike. They only add confusion when troubleshooting, and most of them don’t look like marine wire anyway.

    When doing the same task on our boat I removed a full kitchen garbage can of mystery wires.

  4. I feel blessed. I have only found 2 wires not connected to anything. I’ve replaced a few that had concealed joins and/or inappropriate domestic cables. However I’ve added more complexity and the labelling is lagging the wiring by a few days. It’s all progress and learning what goes where.

  5. I totally understand Mike. I did a complete electrical refit on Dulcinea when faced with a Rat’s nest (I say Rats nest, you say Birds nest) of wires connected to the electrical panels that were mounted on an exposed bulkhead. I move all of that to the Nav Station, where they belong… take a look if you like… . Still, just take it one step at a time. DC work isn’t TOO hard. AC on the other hand is a little bit more challenging… I found a LIVE AC wire not connected to anything…. THAT was scary!

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