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Repairs – weather – upgrades… all this and more will be effecting our plans for the next couple of weeks. Our intention is to return to the Moorings phase-out docks on Thursday morning and then depending on the extent of the work that needs to be completed, make our way to St. Maarten at the next available weather window. We have a good amount of equipment to pick up in St. Maarten, not the least of which is our new tender. In fact, we keep emailing Bas, our awesome contact at Budget Marine and adding to the list! Hand in hand with all that equipment will be some work that will have to be completed and our hope is that we can get it looked after relatively quickly. We still have plans to sail One Love to Grenada*, complete the majority of the refit there and then have it back to the USVI in time for the November crewed yacht boat show.

What’s the big deal? The boat show, that’s what!

This show is apparently a very big deal for those in the industry. As we understand it, the various brokers attend the show to tour the available yachts and speak to the crews. In other words, the crews get to be “interviewed” over and over during the course of the 3-day show. Sound like fun? Sure, why not? 😉 We’ll also get a chance to meet a good number of the other crews working in the area and that should definitely be fun.

We met with Kelly from Flagship yesterday to sign up with their clearing house. Once online with them, the brokers will officially be able to start booking us for charters later in the year.

*When in Grenada we’ll be making a check on our beloved ZTC, and picking up the remainder of our personal belongings.


  1. I look forward to a lot of posts on all the fixes, installations, and bilge parts. As you know, I love that stuff. If others find it boring, toss in a bikini pic of Rebecca fixing a diesel or running a water line. 🙂

    So what needs fixing by Moorings?

    • We’ll no doubt be sharing plenty of refit pics and info.

      As for what needs to be fixed now, a number of small things, and the gear oil leak that I illustrated in yesterday’s post.

  2. You guys still got the ZTC?

    Do you think you might put it on the market?

  3. Working my way though your

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