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We awoke yesterday to find an email stating that we have a last-minute charter beginning THIS COMING SUNDAY! Wow… time to shift into high gear!

Most people have no idea how much work happens prior to the time that guests arrive on a charter. For example, imagine planning breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, beverages, etc. for multiple people that you don’t really know, for 8 days, and you can’t really go shopping for things that you missed during that week. That’s what Rebecca does for every one of our charters, and does a fantastic job at it too! It’s a good thing that she and I work well under pressure.

After working on the charter menu and provisioning list for the majority of the day,
Rebecca finally called it quits at 9:00 PM last night!

While Rebecca was planning our food and beverages for the week, I put together the following short video with some footage that we shot during our last trip to the BVI. It focuses on an area known as The Caves, by Treasure Point on Norman Island, BVI. It’s a favorite spot for many of our guests. Enjoy.


  1. It’s great you show the ‘other side’ of charters – hopefully folks realize just how much work it is. But it’s great for the guests when stuff just seems to ‘happen’, like a favourite beverage or snack. It all appears to them to be seamless. The effort you and Rebecca put into every charter shows, in the reviews, the full booking calendar, and possibly the highest smiles-per-gallon rating in the BVI/USVI. And who knows, some of these guests may end up being cruisers – its how we got hooked years ago.

  2. Well done, and good luck with it.

    Never mind the trouble getting organised, just think of the cash and smile.

    Cheers! 🙂


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