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Our departure date is drawing nearer and we have already had family and friends questioning what to get us as a “going away” gift. Most people (who have been reading our blog) know that we don’t have room for much more stuff and also that heavy and/or breakable items aren’t really appropriate on a boat. Even the old standby liquor isn’t really a suitable gift as, to my knowledge, we aren’t permitted to bring it across the US border.

So, not to at all suggest that anyone should feel obligated to get us a gift, I have set up a contribution box on the right side of this blog. As opposed to purchasing us a “thing,” anyone cares to give us a gift (even if it is a good riddance gesture) can feel free to add to our Honda Generator Fund (the final thing on our wish list). As I wrote in the text on that donation box, those who contribute will be well thought of every time we charge our batteries in some pristine, deserted anchorage!

If you are more of the “I like to go shopping and wrap presents up” type, please think small and practical, for example, fishing lures. 🙂


  1. You will find that it is an ongoing issue, especially on a cat, to weed out one’s possessions.

  2. I bet you cruisers are easy to Christmas shop for. A gift card to Amazon, or itunes, or West Marine and you’re good! 🙂

  3. $25 for you to spend on adventure instead of me spending them on some everyday boring stuff here!

    Don’t spend all the money on booze or expensive blenders.

  4. Mike,

    On your Honda generator purchase. I read the Companion edition of that model is what you want. It has the standard boating 30 amp round (insert and twist) jack on the front. makes it easy to just plug in your shore power pigtails.

    • I have noticed that others have gone the companion model route too. I do have a cord which goes from a normal 2-prong 120V outlet into the 3-prong boat outlet. I assume that would work too but obviously the one you mentioned would be better.

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