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It seems as if every day we arrive at the boat yard, our plan for completing projects changes right at the beginning. No matter what we think we’re going to do, some challenge will send us on a different route. Yesterday, for example, I had two projects in mind, both of which required a drill. Unfortunately, our much-loved cordless drill from Home Depot seems as if it has given up the ghost, or more specifically, I think the batteries have. I guess rechargeable batteries do not like to be left unused for 2 years.

I loved this drill! 🙁

With our drilling projects thus shelved, we went back to the work that we had been doing the past several days, compounding and polishing the hull. One thing I know for sure, no more than 1% of the people selling a boat are putting as much time, effort and money into it as we are!

We not only compounded and waxed the topsides
and above-deck areas, we did under the boat as well!


  1. They have replacement batteries on Amazon.. 😉 The newer lithium batteries actually like to be used and cycled.

  2. I never figured you two to be 1% ‘ers


  3. Those batteries actually have a 3 year warranty Mike…

    • Sadly, I think they are a bit older than that. Additionally, with no Home Depot nearby, getting warrantee exchanges would be tough. Warrantees down here are, in my opinion, of limited value. I actually have that on my list of things to write about.

  4. If you are looking for a replacement drill, I would recommend the Rockwell
    12V LithiumTech Cordless Drill / Driver w/ 16-piece Drill Bit Set. Available on Lightweight and enough power to do most jobs. Also comes with extra battery.



  5. Powertools with cords is the way to go. All of ours onboard are with a cord an run of the inverter. Of course not as convenient, but they always work when you need them. We stopped with cordless many years ago.

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