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Rebecca and I received some tragic news last night, and are still in shock. I implore any of our friends and family to contact us if they need help, even if it’s just to talk. While we may be hundreds, or even thousands of miles away, we are still there for you!


  1. Sorry to hear. Please advise if you need anything

  2. The more I live, the more that has proven true.

  3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness and Beauty– I do..

  4. From the WE day event that I attended on Saturday:
    Wake up. Do good. Repeat

    • A nice goal.

      Although I titled this post Be Nice, my main point, and the reason why I chose that particular quote/meme, was to remind people that they typically have no idea what is going on inside most people’s heads. You can assume, but you never know. Sometimes those assumptions can be tragically wrong. Just because someone appears OK, they may not be.

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