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When I initially wrote about which bank to use down south, a recommendation was made for Scotiabank by one of the commenters. Our friend in Grenada concurred that he also felt that Scotiabank had the best network of ATMs there. So trusting that, Rebecca and I were off to the bank yesterday to open new accounts. We will have two accounts with only 1 attached to the ATM card. When we need cash we’ll transfer money to the working account (online) and then withdraw it right away. In this way, if our card is ever compromised, they won’t have access to any larger sums of money (not that we have such a thing).

Also on our “list” yesterday was visiting our lawyer to update our wills. Our current will is pretty much OK so we only need a small codicil to update some changes.

While running around we also tried to get all of our prescriptions filled. It was harder than we expected. Apparently they had difficulty with the medicinal marijuana although I’m not sure why.

Kidding folks… Drugs are bad, remember? 😉


  1. In your will, you put some of us as beneficiaries yes?

    Grow your own..safer and better ! 🙂 ..oh yea..drugs are BAD!

  2. Come to massachusetts, you are allowed one ounce on you…If you get caught, you get a ticket

  3. 2 accounts – a great plan!


    • Thanks Bob. I’ve run into a bit of a glitch as they tell me I can’t have the account accessible by the internet without having it attached to the ATM card. I need to visit the bank manager on Monday to come up with a solution. If they can’t fix that then I think we’ll make it so that Rebecca has one account and then I have the other, so they’ll have to separate them.

  4. Good luck sorting things out with the bank. They want the ATM card on the internet so you can give them that number. I think they might accept account number and pin in lieu of ATM card.

  5. I have a stateside account with Bank of America. BoA has a relationship with ScotiaBank which allows the withdrawl of money from their ATMs without charge. That is, I have/can withdraw funds from my BoA account at a ScotiaBank ATM without any fees. This might be helpful for those of us with BoA accounts who don’t want to open another account just for Caribbean cruising.

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