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As we sit watching the weather develop, we, like all smart Caribbean cruisers, are making contingency plans in case the bad weather on the horizon makes a move towards us (or rather, fails to move away from us). Do we run south to Trinidad, farther away from the nastiness, or hole up here, that is the question. I know what I’d feel safer doing, but I hope I’m not pressed into making that decision. Just in case though, Rebecca is out at this very moment, stocking up on some groceries. I also reviewed the post our friends on Distant Shores put up about securing their boat in the mangroves. It’s a good one!

Perhaps the best sailing and cruising show in existence!

On the subject of Distant Shores, not only do we consider Paul and Sheryl friends, we are also affiliates of theirs, and thus get a small reward each time someone purchases one of their excellent videos, either DVD or online. They have produced some amazing shows; videos that are both educational and inspirational. If you haven’t already done so, check them out!


  1. As you probably know, Gaston is predicted to turn North and head into open ocean.

    • Yes. It’s already north of us.

      TS GASTON:
      Located @ 14.9N/38.6W – 975 miles W of the Cabo Verdes
      Max winds @ 70mph; pressure @ 999mb
      Moving WNW @ 17mph; expected to turn NW later today.
      Forecast to become hurricane sometime today.

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