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With our engine repairs behind us, we’re pleased to be able to get back to doing the things that we enjoy, and also happy to have some pics to share with you other than of engine parts! Hopefully we’ll be able to keep on this path for some time to come.

A predominant landmark in the Simpson Bay Lagoon is Mne. Fortune, more commonly known here as the Witches Tit. Just as moths are drawn to a flame, Rebecca and I always feel a need climb things like that and while we had hoped to be able to do it last season, the opportunity just never arose. Yesterday, we were finally able to check it off our list.

The Witches Tit kept calling to us from our boat.

Is there a trail? Not that we could see. We simply landed our dinghy on shore, wading through knee-deep mud just to accomplish even that. Once on land we bushwhacked our way through the thorny brush until we reached the steep rocks leading up to the peak. We took a bit of time inspecting the cliffs, trying to find the least dangerous way up. Note that it was dangerous any which way we approached it and thus I would not be too quick to recommend that others try to follow in our footsteps. The view is outstanding though as you can see in the photos below and the short video that we shot.

On our way up.

These goats (look closely) either can’t believe that we’re climbing this
or are wondering what the problem is.

Yes, that is a cactus stuck in my leg!

We made it!

A 360 degree view of the Simpson Bay Lagoon.

Looking towards the Dutch side of the island, you can see the new bridge
that they’re building across the lagoon.

Looking towards Marigot on the French side of the island.

Looking north towards Marigot Bay and further in the distance, Anguilla.

The view from Google Earth. Pretty cool.

Later in the evening we were happy to be able to meet up with one of our friends that we met at jiu-jitsu last year. David, with son and daughter in tow, not only came to Barnacles to share a drink with us but following that, he drove us back to his house to share a barbecue dinner with his family. How awesome is that? As an extra bonus, he sent us home with an internet modem, one of the only ways to get internet on a boat! We just found out about this service yesterday and went into town to try to rent one of the modems ourself. Unfortunately, we found that the supplier didn’t have any more available to rent. Now, with David’s generosity, we have all that we need, without spending any money. Awesome!

Later this morning we plan to take the bus into Philipsburg to do a bit of shopping, and to meet up with Tom, one of our blog readers who happens to be on St. Maarten for a visit. Should be another fun day.


  1. Beautiful pictures! Looks like another great hike. David sounds pretty great too! =)

  2. Much better 🙂 (Apart from the cactus, of course.) I will add that one to the list of stuff to climb if/when we ever find our way down there….

  3. love that picture of you two!!

  4. In your photos of anchorages, I have never noticed so many cats. Is St. Martin a catamaran hotspot?

    • No, I don;’t think there is any more here than anywhere else. I think what might be skewing it a bit is that the water surrounding the Witches Tit is quite shallow and thus the easiest vessels for you to see are the shallow draft ones (multihulls) that can get in there.

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