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Remember this post where I showed Frost leaving the water? Well, here she is returning to her natural habitat. Once again, the boys from Peake’s were very organized. In addition to that, we had four guys from Dynamite Marine, the company that did all of our repairs, on hand to make sure that everything went OK. I am impressed. Details to follow.

Before anyone mentions it, no, we obviously did not do a bottom job while we were out of the water. We came to Trinidad with very specific repair objectives and that wasn’t one of them. Our intention is to haul the boat again in January when we travel to the Galapagos on Two Fish. At that time we’ll have a complete bottom job done.


  1. I’m sure you are glad to have Frost back in the water. I was thinking the bottom paint think too. Hope all the repairs are working as planned.

  2. Can’t wait to read about you four transiting the Panama Canal.

  3. Cant wait for you guys to get back out there. I am so excited about new pictures and adventures and to live them vicariously through you both.

    P.S. I was totally gonna ask about the bottom job…lol.

  4. Just started reading your blog last month along with other sites to gather info on what type of boat to buy, not ready just yet but looking at monhull or cat. I didn’t realize until you did this haul out that Frost was a monohull and I sure this subject has been covered in other posts but what was the reasons for the change?

    • Hi Mike

      You’re right, I have answered the question a few times, but that’s OK. The answer is simply money. We can not afford a cat suitable for the trip which we intend to make (to Patagonia).


  5. This is great! Mike, can you explain just what is keeping Frost upright in the first picture? I see the maintenance stands out of the way, but the pads on the mover aren’t up yet…. it looks like she is just balancing on her keel, though I know that can’t be the case….

    • Magic!

      It’s actually pretty sketchy, really. They remove the stands two by two as the trailer moves in. Kind of nerve wracking!

  6. The trip to the Galapagos will be amazing. Great boat to do it on as well. Love the Antares 44!!

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