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We are working on a project and need to pick out the following posts:

  • Our most beautiful post
  • Our most popular post
  • Our most controversial post
  • Our most helpful post
  • A post whose success surprised us
  • A post we feel didn’t got the attention that it deserved
  • The post that we are most proud of

I know that you can’t really pick out the last three for us but given that we now have 863 posts to go through, some help in choosing the first four would be greatly appreciated!

And as payment for your help ( 🙂 ), here is a suggestion. I know I’ve mentioned this before but if you want to bring a game along with you cruising that is guaranteed to turn a typical sundowner into, in our case at least, an all-night laugh fest, buy Catch Phrase. Last night’s get together for cocktails saw us back at our boat at 2:00 AM. I blame it on the game. 🙂

As you might imagine, after getting back to the boat at 2:00 AM, my head isn’t the clearest that it has been. So, we really need some help on this project! Please post your thoughts.

PS: Sorry for all the noise last night Hog Island anchorage. It was the game’s fault.


  1. Hey – quit giving us homework. We’re just supposed to be able to sit back and enjoy reading your blog. At least you only have a couple posts to go through 😉 I’m sure I’ll go back and try and find posts to fit the other questions. But the most popular (I take that as favorite), was the July 30th, 2010 post “Blast Off”. After all the dreaming, and planning you guys did; the day you took off was an inspiration to those of us sitting on the sidelines. We saw that it could be done, and that’s a pretty powerful thing. So I don’t know if it fits in the most popular category, but it was my favorite.

  2. oops – July 31st, 2010

  3. I agree with Tux – July 30th, as for beautiful – every pic that you post allowing all your followers to live the dream thru your blog, helpful and funny is the “poop” posting, the donate posting comes to mind for most controversial. You’ve been great at covering the fun and the day to day issues of living on a boat. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  4. OK, that helps for one category but there are others. 🙂

  5. Most beautiful post – well I suppose it’s easy enough to find beautiful pictures and scenery, however I think the most beautiful post was “Sacrifices” Feb 4, 2011. I sad day to be sure, however a beautiful post in many ways. It was a beautifully written tribute to Rebecca’s mother, It was a beautiful thing to see the outpouring of support. It was beautiful in the way it touched others hearts (yes, I cried, and I don’t even know you personally). So definitely my vote for most beautiful.

  6. The most beautiful post may have to be the July 5th, 2011 – “If it weren’t for her”. I can’t think of anything more beautiful then 2 people in love sharing a love of life! Ok, ok – so maybe I’m an old sappy dude, but that’s the one for me.

    There are many posts showing the beauty of nature – and it’s too hard to pick a favorite amongst those. But I think that post trumps them all.

  7. I agree with Rosemary, to feel the anguish only a man can feel when he knows there is nothing he can do to assuage the pain his soul mate feels having lost a parent. I could sense your pain of not being able to be there and love such as that is…….beautiful.

    • Yes, we heard about that (as did everyone else down here). Our friends were anchored right there and had left just hours before that occurred. There were rumors that the attackers were caught but it hasn’t been verified so I doubt it’s true.

  8. A hilariuos story from our friends on Paradocs about an unwanted visitor in the middle of the night.

    • Ooooo… that’s not cool. Our friends told us that they saw a rat climb up the anchor chain of a nearby boat and then proceed to jump into an open hatch. Our friends were in their dinghy at the time but immediately turned around and went back to their boat, locking all the hatches!

  9. Regarding Posts:
    Beautiful – Feb 4
    Popular – Feb 4
    Controversial – ‘Donation’
    Helpful – June 11 ‘Pay it Forward’

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